Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

Seems like a good deal

heres reviews from tigerdirect, where it’s sold out

and amazon

Around $40 off retail… I dunno, guys.

This one comes with a dock.

Office Home and Student, does that mean it comes with Outlook? If not, is it upgradable to have Outlook?

If you check the bottom of the Specs page on the sale you will find this link that talks about Office 2013 and Outlook:

Time to check out the product page

This is a wierd product…it’s Windows 8, but it doesn’t run regular Windows programs…not sure why it exists?

This is essentially an Asus Transformer TF201 tablet converted to use Windows RT rather than Android. The specs are pretty much identical. I’m not familiar with Windows RT, but I own both the TF201 and the TF700 and love them. Fantastic specs with a CPU that is powerful enough to be a laptop replacement. The 8 meg rear camera is top rate, rivaling the best smartphones. And that keyboard dock is what places Asus models above other tablets. Not only is it a keyboard and dock, but it’s also a battery that almost doubles your usage time.

Overall, this is a good alternative to the i3 Win 8 touchscreen laptops that are so popular these days – with the added advantage of usability as a tablet. The big question, however, is the viability of Windows RT, which looks like Windows 8, but isn’t Windows 8.

Yeah, Windows RT has been an industry enigma for a long time. Does it meet a consumer need or is it some pointless stopgap version like Windows ME? In fact, even the the “RT” is a riddle. No one knows what it stands for.

Is this tablet very similar to the Microsoft Surface RT?

Does this have a Wacom digitizer in it for pressure sensitivity?

Can windows be replaced with a linux variant? Or droid?

Yes, very similar and better in some aspects. Better camera, extra battery in keyboard, more ports. The surface has a larger screen and thinner keyboards. If it were my money, I’d have the vivotab over the surface (rt on both).

This all being said, I think there was the same thing for 249 on an ebay daily deal about a month ago…

Nope, RT only.

No digitizer support at all. I think that RT cant support pens seeing as no RT tablets have an active digitizer. The cheapest pen tablet is probably the samsung 500t which has full win8 and an atom processor.

I was going to get one of these from AT&T, but couldn’t do it on the Next program. If I had the cash to spare, I’d jump on this. I have a Macbook Pro and iPad mini, but I can’t do office on the iPad and the Macbook is too big to cart around everywhere. Ah… Guess I don’t really need to be buying any new techie toys.
I do like this more than the Surface RT. It’s thin and light.

Sadly, I know very little about about Windows RT so I can’t give you an answer. I assume that both the Surface and this use identical operation systems, Win RT. What I can say is that when this last came up on Woot, a lot of people loved the hardware specs but dismissed it because of Win RT. Some people even say to treat it like the Blackberry or HP tablets. Great hardware but don’t expect much industry support for the OS.

No your looking at the one without keyboard ouch pad\ extend a battery
for $321