Asus VivoTab RT Tablet w/ 32GB microSD

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Asus VivoTab RT Tablet w/ 32GB microSD
Price: $259.99
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Condition: New


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NewEgg has some good reviews

Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

so the only benefit of buying from here is a 32 gb micro sd card?? nah

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The Asus VivoTab RT has mixed reviews on Amazon. Asus seems to have had quality issues lately, as had Samsung.

The bonus would be a bonus if it were not a Centon branded product. You would have to pay me to use anything from Centon, and I would just use the money to buy a SanDisk. Although, to be honest, I’d have to research which particular product would be reliable at the time, as many brands (SanDIsk, PNY, Patriot, Toshiba, ADATA) besides Centon have experienced problems at one time or another.

thanks. i don’t know how to do that

I’m actually quite interested in a Windows tablet. The Dell Venue 11 Pro is very attractive but I think one more year will mature both the OS and hardware enough to get over the early release hurdles.

That being said, Windows RT is one of those hurdles. It’s basically a first gen almost “beta” system that wasn’t that well thought out. Major apps have finally become available although the entire app store still is not that well stocked. Again, one more year and the ability to fall back to desktop mode (for the non-RT version) will make these tablets quite viable. But not quite yet and not for RT.

Wake UP! Time to talk about this tablet.

Memory seems good?
What about available apps?

Have one? Used one? Tell us about it!

Don’t do it! As much as I love Woot, Windows RT is completely dead. I bought a refurbished Asus Transformer T100TA 64GB Windows 8.1 tablet for $360. (I CAN RUN FULL WINDOWS PROGRAMS). You can get other full Windows tablets for a few mere dollars more. It’s better to have the complete Windows experience than a shoddy RT counterpart.

****** PRICE REDUCTION ******

The boss is in a good mood and he lowered the price to $239.99. WOOHOO!

Small print: If you already purchased, that money will fly back into your pocket soonish.

In the off chance anyone goes to read this… I bought this and have had to send it back twice and the problems still aren’t fixed. Customer/product service is the pits. And the product isn’t great either. Sorry I bought it.