Asus Zen Pro 24" Intel i7 All-In-One

Specs are decent, but good luck with 4K on a 24" screen. I have a 32" in my office and it is tiny. 65" in my home office is much better.

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As far as todays offer. 4K on such a small screen? You would be suprised of the people who complain they can’t stream 4k on their phones because of the slow network speeds, for god sake. 4k has become a marketing HYPE just like 3D was. I was looking at some in store display at Samsclub last week, pointed out the wife how the tv that was showing some train video in 4k wasn’t any better then our 55inch samsung that’s 3 years old (not 4k) at home. Sure, it seemed pretty bright but the detail wasn’t what I would expect. Watching “Aireral America” on the Smithsonian Channel on my tv, for example, is pretty darn impressive for a tv that’s old. But it was a high end Samsung back in the day.

With the GTX 1050 and i7 processor this would work well for less demanding games if you play at 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 resolution. I’ve tested a similar setup with an older i7 and GTX 1050 with Overwatch and World of Tanks and both worked very well.

Like others, I don’t see the point of 4K on such a small screen. I’d recommend setting it to 2560x1440 or 1920x1080 due to Windows scaling issues.

Just FYI, my experience with Asus laptops has been less than positive - I’ve had two fail in the past year (one of which was new and one was just a couple of days past the warranty, and they refused to help), and other people I’ve spoken to have had so many problems they gave up on them as well. I’m sure they’re not all bad, but I’ve just been turned off by them.

what model TV do you own

Such a knock off of an iMac

One advantage of high-res displays is you no longer need to turn on anti-aliased text (ClearType on Windows). Fonts can’t look “jaggy” if the pixels are too small for your eyes to see! :slight_smile: