Asus Zenbook Touch 13.3" Intel i7 Ultrabook

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Asus Zenbook Touch 13.3" Intel i7 Ultrabook
Price: $1079.99
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Condition: New


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Zenbook UX31LA-DS71T User Manual

Time to learn all about the processor

I’m absolutely astounded by this price. Would someone please enlighten me regarding the value of this item? From what I’ve read, it’s small, slow, has no storage or optical drive and, other than the resolution and touchscreen, has no real oomph. Please tell me what I’m missing here!!!

You’re not missing anything. This price is waaaaay over. I bought the ASUS Zenbook Prime Touch over a year ago for $599, and the only thing this has over it is the next gen Intel i7. That upgrade is definitely not worth an extra $500.

You sure it doesn’t also have half the RAM? Regardless, I agree, those two upgrades are not worth nearly double the price.

not to mention the new x99 8 core just came out last week !
which makes this old tech lol

“Warranty: 90 Day Asus” I assume this is incorrect since this is a new machine.

Amazon reviews are dismal!

[MOD: Corrected to be a 1 Year Asus warranty.]

As the correction now states it does in fact have the full 1 year warranty, plus upon registration Asus ADDS a year Accidental Damage Warranty coverage which basically “converts” standard 1 year warranty into a 1 year ADW Warranty. What’s cool is the ADW covers drops, spills, and anything else as long as you DON’T intentionally damage the unit. All that at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

This is fact, you can verify it yourself by going to

I bought the Asus ZENBOOK Prime Touch UX31A-BHI5T11 for $599 to and it’s a beast. But instead of buying a new puter I decided to preserve it for as long as I can. I grabbed an Asus OEM replacement battery and a ADATA 256GB SSD III which is an Asus OEM replacement part and keep this one for as long as possible. Anyone buying this unit can do the same thing and preserve their investment for the time being.

I still haven’t used the original accessories that came with it - case, USB Ethernet, etc. - they’d all be useable with this too.

I don’t see how this version would be slower ACCEPT for the SSD and some of the standard Asus bloatware. Asus regularly switches between a SanDisk (a slower SSD) and the ADATA SSD (the faster SSD) the problem is you never know which drive you receive because it’s the luck of the draw. Some get the faster drive and others get the slower drive. I believe it may be either an inventory problem or simply a matter of pricing to keep the rig within build budget. Remember memory in general is a commodity with the price fluctuating daily, even hourly.

Anyhoo, do a search Google for Asus Ultrabook SSD Drives - SanDisk .vs ADATA you’ll get the picture. Also, check out Tom’s Hardware, they have an in depth review regarding the different SSD Drives Asus uses for their Ultrabooks.

I know for a fact the ADATA 256GB SSD III is compatible with this particular UB, so if you swap them out then include the i7 4700U I can’t see how this system would be considered a dog. The UX31A-BHTI511 alone is a beast running an i5 3317U and an Intel UMA 4000

Just Sayin’

[MOD: Corrected to a 1 Year Asus warranty]

Yeah, the price does not make sense. I purchased a i7 equipped Yoga 2 pro on the Fresh Chicken ovum site for 2 Benjamin’s less. Twice the screen res and 256GB SSD - all other specs are the same.

You’re correct. It’s a 1 Year Warranty.


Ok, we heard you. Let’s try $1049.

Remember that this is a NEW Ultrabook with a full 1 year Asus warranty.

If you already purchased, that money will fly back to your pockets soonish.