Asus Zenbooks

I bought the i5 version of this laptop on woot! a few weeks ago and wish I waited for this sale to get the i7 for the same price. However, I am very happy with this notebook. I needed a windows PC for work and this is lightweight, stylish and not loaded down with a ton of bloatware. So far it’s been great!

HOLY BALLS, I was JUST looking around for the exact ASUS Zenbook (Intel i7 processor and dedicated video card).

Most people were selling it for like 799+ used but this is a good deal (sort of… Thanks California!)

Yeah these are great! I’ve got the black i5 touch version with 128gb SSD. It’s killer. Just don’t get the 1st gen ones (silver keyboard). However, I’m pretty sure none of these have dedicated gpu like you mentioned, so might want to keep make sure you know what you need these to do first.

Actually the one priced at $630 has a dedicated card and a matte screen, no touch. It’s considered to be one of the better zenbooks and the price is great.

I have the 1st gen i5 zenbook. Absolutely love it. (just wished it was upgradable like the later versions).

These are awesome notebooks!

The one I received was defective. I emailed customer service Saturday, and have yet to receive a response. I’m not very happy with Woot right now.


I’m sorry for the delay. I believe their response time is at 1-2 business days at the moment so it should be soon.

In the meantime, I’ll add you to my afternoon report so that CS can look into it.

I just started up my notebook and was surprised to find a sticker labeling it as windows 7. Unfortunately after starting it up it turned out to be Windows 7 even though woot advertised this on several locations as having Window 8. Now I have to go purchase and download Windows 8. Not sure exactly who to talk to but this is pretty frustrating.

Sorry to hear that you received the wrong OS.

Please email into and let them know. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.

WTF Woot? Did you really drop the ball on this one?? I was so happy that I got the laptop today and now I find out that it’s running Windows 7 instead of 8 (which I feel really mixed about because I wanted to try out Window 8 but glad it’s Windows 7… regardless, you lie in your item description) AND the screen resolution is at 1366 by 768, not 1080p.

I’m going to go and update the Nvidia drivers and see if it fixes it. If not, I’m e-mail customer support and demanding this resolved soon…

I just received my ASUS ZENBOOK from Woot! yesterday. However, when I got it running, it declared that the Windows 7 was not genuine! I called the ASUS support and after spending a hour uninstalling and reinstalling several items, it still did not change anything. They left me with two options: Contact the seller (Woot!) and get the Product Key over the phone or send it back to ASUS and wait 3 weeks for them to reinstall it and send it back. Since there appears to be no way to call Woot!, and the support center only sends automated messages, I am likely left with the latter option. I am pretty disappointed and will not be purchasing from WOOT! again since they do not stand by their own products.

I posted a comment earlier about receiving windows instead of Windows 8, but after starting it up I also got the warning that the operating system on the device was counterfeit and was not authentic windows. I was told by Asus I could send it in also but they would only put on Windows 7 so hopefully Woot!replies to my case and is able to get me Windows 8 considering that’s a major reason I bought this computer.

I installed the latest NVIDIA drivers and it still hasn’t given me the ability to change the resolution to 1080p.

There can’t exist a version of an ASUS Zenbook UX32VD that has a display resolution of 1366 X 768, right… RIGHT?

Not cool, Woot, not cool… lying about what operating system it runs AND resolution? I hope it’s not true.

After finally receiving a response from Woot customer service, I responded to their email. Its now 2 days since I responded. I swear, nothing is ever going to get done if I have to wait 2 days between every response! I have the time to respond day of, why can’t they?

I’ll let them know you replied.

It appears Woot! Customer Service is severely understaffed. I have sent two messages and stil have had no reply. It is very frustrating to receive a defective computer and have absolutely no response from the seller.

I agree. So far, my opinion of Woot’s customer service is very low.

I still haven’t seen a response and its the third day now since I responded to their email. They should have long since started getting me my replacement by now.

If nothing else, Woot should have a customer service phone number so we can CALL them and actually get results in a timely fashion.

Crasher, did you email back from a different email address? They can’t find the response you say you sent.

I emailed back from the same address. I clicked reply on the email they sent me.

I sent the following email:

“I believe the serial number is E5Nxxxx. Its hard to tell whether those are zeroes or O’s. If you contact the vendor to attempt a replacement, I’d like an estimate from them on how long it will take. I am leaving for college in 4 weeks and will need the laptop. Also, will all shipping costs be covered?”