Does anyone know which one actually comes with WIN 8 and is a touchscreen? Thanks

Asus is pronounced aye-sue-s, not “aces”. The letter A and Zeus spelled with an “s”. Asus. Silly Woot!

Is there any way to put real windows 8 on that RT tablet?

nope. RT runs ARM processors (what you would find in a phone) and real windows runs on x86 processors (Intel core series, atom, AMD etc)

I have the Core i5 version of the Zenbook, and it’s amazing. It feels like a Macbook Air, but it’s not a Mac, so it’s not overpriced and useless.

I’ve been tossing it in my bag for about a year now, and there’s barely even a scratch on it.

I can’t say enough about the Zenbooks. If I had the money that i7 with 256GB SSD and a 1080p display would be mine!

I just upgraded from the u47a at work, it was a great laptop and could handle anything i threw at it, even Skyrim.

Anyone know the difference between the UX31ARF-E7202F and UX31ARF-BHI7N49?

Besides the RT are any of these touchscreens?

One is Windows 7 (W7HP means Windows 7 Home Premium)
One is Windows 8 :slight_smile:

UX31A Zenbooks do not have upgradeable memory. They also appear to have some type of proprietary SSD connector.

Man, I want one…but only 4GB of RAM…anyone know about the battery life?

Only 4GB MAX! Yuck! I can’t imagine many ways for maxing out an I7 with a 256GB SSD but only 4GB ram.

With at least 8, I’d get 1. If I could go 12 or 16, I’d probably be in for 2.

So close to what I want, but I have to pass.

Finally! EXACTLY what I want!..

…except I have no money :frowning:

I would take one of those 13 or 11" Full HD zenbooks in a heartbeat.

I was just setting up a Lenovo X1 Carbon for someone at work today. I now have ultrabook envy. One of these Zenbooks would sure scratch that itch.

Does any one know if this has a touchscreen?

i think all these stuff is not touchscreen

ugh sold out the i7 256 gb…where can i find another good deal??

same here…and they sold out, so temptation passed…I want to hold out for one of those Samsungs with the Haswells and the stupid high resolution, but I think the price will make me cry inside

No 17" ROG with 16GB RAM and the NVidia 770?

Shame, Woot, Shame.