Refurbished for these prices? Might as well wait for a sale on Newegg and get it new.

Let’s just get one thing straight right now, woot. A 1366 x 768 resolution on a 15.6" screen is not, and will never be, “stunning clarity.”

That’s why you buy one of the Zenbooks with 1080p IPS screens :slight_smile:

All Windows… again… (sigh) How about a Linux? C’mon Woot, throw me a bone. Daddy needs a new laptop, and I know Asus makes some with Linux… Pleeeeez?

You’re going to have to eat the MS tax and put Linux on these yourself. Or try to get that refund when you return the COA sticker. No big player is going to put a lot of effort into a Linux ultrabook.

These Zenbooks are VERY nice machines, so I’d suggest one no matter what OS you think you’ll end up with. Just wish they had 8GB RAM.

Does anyone on here have one of these and can comment? This looks like a good deal, dual core i7, full HD, 256GB SSD, super slim and low power. I couldn’t find a cheaper price online. I’m close to pulling the trigger.

Just wanted to point out the stupid comparison on the thin picture…

A macbook pro is a different beast. This should be compare to a macbook air as it’s an ultrabook itself.

Shame on you woot.

Other than that, it’s a decent deal.

I did pull the trigger. I’ve been on the hunt for an i7 with an SSD and, most importantly, a high resolution display. This meets all my needs at a price I haven’t seen in a couple of months of researching. You can check the Vizio refurb sales on ebay, but even those are few and far between.

Just bought one off Woot not too long ago for my daughter. It’s a decent machine actually. Runs Windows 8 pretty well. Not a gaming machine, obviously, but she plays minecraft and flash games on it. Perfectly fine for word processing, web browsing, etc.

The build is OK. It’s not going to be like a $1K machine. It is sturdy but has a slightly cheap feel to it. The big minus, however, is the display. It is easily readable, has decent contrast, and such, but, yeah, it’s pretty grainy when you have that resolution at that screen size.

I think ~$300 is a good price (that’s what I paid on Woot). I would describe this as an entry-level laptop or maybe a fullsize netbook. It’s capable enough for the price.

Edit: The one I bought was a low end one. Not the SSD i7 one.

Asus K55N-SA80403V 15.6" Laptop, AMD A8-4500M Quad-Core 1.9Ghz, 500GB SATA, 4GB DDR3, Win8

Battery power is one of the first things I look at. A lot of people overlook this.

Let’s look at these laptops. Why do the smaller, less powerful laptops have larger batteries?

Can anyone confirm if the zenbooks come with the sleeves?

Are they not upgradable to 8gb?

I had the i5 128GB SSD version and loved it, the instant on feature works well and the battery life was great, performed as well as I needed it to

I can confirm that the UX31A Prime Touch model comes with a sleeve, I would assume the other ones do as well.

So what’s the warranty terms for these refurbs? I’m thinking that they are refurbed by Asus so does that mean we get their great 1 year warranty that includeds 1 year accidental coverage too? I’m ready to pull the trigger on this but not without some sort of warranty.

oops, ok never mind i found it and it’s the typical 90 days which makes me wonder if I’ll have problems later on… Come on Asus, if it’s such a great laptop then give us a 1 year warranty. If I’m not mistaking HP gives a full 1 year warranty on their refurbs

Thanks. I hope you’re right. I ordered a black ux31a. sexxyy :wink:

I bought the Zenbook i5 touch model (the black $600 one) from woot 3 weeks ago and it DID NOT come with a sleeve. But really that’s a $10 accessory at the most. You’re better off buying your own better one.

There was an issue with the screen on mine when it first came. There was very little light bleed on the edges but there were faint pink spots in the middle of the screen I intermediately contacted Asus they arranged for it to be
sent in for repair. I lived near an Asus repair center so i could just drop it off without paying for shipping.(there’s one near San Jose,Ca. its not listed on their site but its there. so if you live in the San Francisco bay area, its something to consider)

The repair center replaced the screen and everything seems to be in working order.

Otherwise mine was in great condition, it had 0 scratches even the feet was perfect. The battery was at 100%. The back up partition was wiped. But that a good thing in my book. I just made a back up on a USB and joined the partition to the main drive gaining 20 gb.

Ben playing with it for a few days and I am really liking light, really pretty, everything is really responsive. 1080p screen is awesome.

If you’re going to get a $600 one, get the touch screen model there’s no reason not to, its really nice to work with touch screen and makes the whole Windows 8 experience worth while.

One more thing to note, Nothing on this is upgradable. From what I’ve found out the RAM is soldered on with no extra slot. and the SSD is a unique model model that you cant find replacement for. I even asked the people at Asus, I cant even pay them to upgrade it. But for a light weight secondary laptop its perfect.

Edit: and its sold out :frowning:

I wish the ux32vd was on sale. Those were missing in the refurb sale.

Anyone listening at w00t?

I got the Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8 on the last sale. It’s really very nice and worth the $500 but I do have a few comments so far. The model sent was not the UX31-RSL8, it was something slightly different(I don’t have the machine with me currently so I can’t check). The resolution on the screen is not 1366 x 768 as stated in the specs but actually higher at 1600 x 1200.

The keyboard is aluminum, not black, which looks nice but is noticibly cold if you’re in a cold place. Seems silly but it’s noticable. Also the keyboard responsiveness is terrible, I can barely type a sentance without 3-4 keystrokes not registering, a bluetooth keyboard is almost a must. I’ve also had issues with the cursor jumping back in the sentance while typing, which is quite annoying.

I have not had any issues with the wi-fi not working which I’d read about, and everything I’ve run so far has run wonderfully, they are gorgeous little machines and aside from the keyboard exceeded my expectations.