Asuses? Asusi? Let's Just Say Laptops.

Stay away from ASUS

On November 24th 2011 i bought a ASUS G74SX-DH71 Full HD 17.3-Inch LED Gaming Laptop.

The motherboard went bad and I sent in to be fixed.
ASUS repaired it and sent it back.
FedEX lost it and ASUS in their infinite wisdom only insured it for $100.
So now I am out almost $5,000 (counting cost of extended warranty, hard drive upgrades and RAM upgrade’s), if nothing goes wrong with the product great, but if it does watch out.

ASUS customer service is less than stellar, the rep’s I talked to about it were “Oh well not our issue you need to contact FedEX” and gave me the opinion they could care less about my loss.
FedEX can’t/won’t do anything because ASUS only insured it for only $100.
I loved ASUS products and have in the past recommend them both professionally and personally, but that has ended.
I will never buy another ASUS product again and will make sure everyone I deal with never buy’s.
I have thought of suing but no lawyer will touch it so I am out a $5,0000 laptop.
This cost ASUS in more ways than one because I was planning on getting a new G750 with my tax return.

Products are great but customer service sucks.

In ASUS world it sucks to be me and they lost so much money because they chose to be cheap.

I would recommend going with another company that appreciates their customers.

Giving this a shot. First sucker for the 15.6 Full HD IPS Core-i7.

I bought a similar laptop and also had big issues with ASUS tech support. I sent mine in, they didn’t fix anything. A lot of people with the same model had a bad laptop and they refused to acknowledge the issues or fix them.

Case in point, a friend had the exact same model as mine, with even worse results. True horror story. He actually published his story.

TL;DR ASUS products tend to be good until something goes wrong. I don’t boycott them but man do I think twice before buying their stuff.

I have had plenty of Asus products and support has always been stellar.

I feel for the guy that had issues, but Asus always has insured my equipment for over it’s brand new value, and replaced without question should any issues arrive.

Their equipment does not retain a resell value, however it has a long work life with quality parts, and I have friends still using their 3-4 year old laptops.

If your story is, in fact, true and complete, you need to get a lawyer involved. Big companies step over the line all the time and just hope the small customer will eventually get tired and let it go. 99.9% of the time, they’re correct. If you know you’re in the right, be the 0.1%

I bought a ASUS laptop for Christmas and shortly after broke the screen. Sent it in and they fixed it and sent it back. In my opinion it was really easy and less of a hassle then most.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune but why not jump on FEDEX over that BS. Asus definitely screwed up with the insurance part but FEDEX is the worst. USPS FTW!!

I did call a lawyer well several and they like I said would not take on the case because it would cost more than what the laptop was/is worth.
If I could find one to take on my case I would so sue ASUS.

I did but like FedEx said ASUS underinsured the laptop.
Only thing FedEx could give me they said even if it was their fault was $100 because thats what ASUS insured it for.

Yes I was the same I had loved ASUS products for years, computers, motherboards, video cards, monitors, external and internal CD/DVD and bluray drives.
This was the only time in all these years that I had to get anything fixed.
What ticked me off the most is that they didn’t insure it for the replacement value and the customer service personnel were very rude and uncaring.
I talked and chatted to 5 ASUS rep’s and they all gave me the feeling of “Oh well its your problem not ours”
Not saying ASUS products are not good but does not matter how good they are built if you need help that one time and you have a bad experience like I had then that does not matter.

Very true they do not retain value, but I had 2 1Tb SSD HD’s in it and bumped up the RAM to 32Gb.
It worked with this configuration for a little over a year.
Yes I sent in the laptop with the upgrades in to ASUS.
I wanted to do that so if it was the RAM or one of the SSD’s that went bad they could check and make sure and I wouldn’t be putting them back in and the laptop brake again.
Then send it in and so on.

Is it Asus or a ticked off do nothing employee? I would get a lawyer to write a letter or send something. Did you talk to a supervisor I would go all the way to the top. Me out $5000 dollars someone at the top would hear about it. Makes me wonder if they even sent it back.

They should at least have given you the replacement value for their mistake of not insuring it for the proper amount. Or a replacement motherboard.

There’s always more options. I would be become their worst pest over that value. The fact they underinsured it is their problem and they should pay the difference. It’s a simple case, you can easily sue in small claims. You’ll have to pay someone to serve them and they won’t want to send a lawyer to small claims. Or you can use some websites that get you numbers into their corporate or executive office. I think is the main one. That works well for people. Sometimes you can find that in financial filings they are required to file. Clark Howard runs a consumer based show that has such ideas and more if you search his website. I’d file something with the FTC as well. Getting a call into the executive offices on a problem has worked well for some people.

Why I am here.
Like I said loved their stuff but if you need help its a crap shoot.
I talked to and chatted with a total of 5 ASUS customer service rep’s and they all gave the same “It’s your problem not our’s” line.
I think ASUS needs to start firing and retrain their rep’s.

I just placed an order for a gaming laptop with another company and the total was just under $4,900.
So that was $4,900 ASUS lost just because they were to cheap to fully insure the shipment.

Call your credit card company, do a charge reversal and make it Asus’s problem.

Bought it now more than 2 years ago.
So i can’t get the charge reversed.

I have a 2009 Asus G50VT gaming laptop with the X9100 top end CPU and I’ve been running seti@Home on both the GPU and CPU since the beginning and have not had a failure. I guess mine is pretty reliable.

I wish w00t would occasionally offer really good deals on gaming/workstation laptops.

Of course the best deals are gently used laptops on Ebay.

Has anyone who’s purchased from this event gotten delivery yet? I bought a laptop 4 days ago and the shipping info has not changed ‘Shipping Now’ and ‘Information Unavailable’.

Please be aware that standard shipping on items is usually 3-5 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that). We ask that you allow a couple more days for your item(s) to ship.

We recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates/activity by April 25th, to please write into and let them know.

I am extremely dissatisfied with my shipment of the Asus tablet from this event. First day it won’t even stay powered on when it goes to sleep it shuts completely down. Had to do a system refresh very first day which takes like an hour. The Asus employee told me what my case number was and said to call us back if I had any issues. Today (at this point I haven’t even had it a day and a half) and I am on the phone with support and it blue screens and the guy on tech support even said that he would return it to the seller. When I mentioned in a support email that I was having issues with a tablet I received as well as mentioned that my desktop hasn’t been shipped out and it was recommended that I contact support. They didn’t even bring up my tablet and just said it takes 3 to 8 days to ship out!