AT-A-GLANCE Academic Year Weekly Appointment Book / Planner, July 2016 - August 2017

sweet. I’ll save this for when 2044/2045 rolls around :wink:

Seriously… is this some kind of mistake? $11.13 for an out of date calendar?

Nope. A) There’s more than one of them. B) Someone on staff at Woot! keeps commenting that it isn’t a mistake.

Apparently, they are old stock from Amazon and they are a “few years early to reuse”… According to it would be 2044/45 just like imadokodesuka said. Who is going to keep track of a useless calendar for 27 years?

Are they this desperate to pad out flash deals? Yep.

Amazing to think they would be selling these. I had a few in the cart and went back. I know it is my fault by not paying close attention but I do believe selling an old date book is really deceptive. I should not need to think so hard or pay so much attention when buying a calendar.