At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men

At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men

I would opt for permanent hair removal under the premise of safety and painless, as long as my safety and painless don’t get stubble in a few days.

So what’s the razor for? To remove the hair that the laser doesn’t?

The razor is there because you don’t want the hair laying on your skin when it’s zapped, as it is literally burnt away, and when it’s on your skin, it almost acts as a cannon fuse… Dont ask me how I know.


how do you know?


And you even get a set of googles…

Because they watched the training video everyone was supposed to sign up for, Dave. No one believes you were “home sick” when you clearly posted your Mortal Kombat cosplay group’s videos to your open instagram account!

It Must Be Wabbit Season!


Sounds like an interesting story

It’s almost worth the price just for the googles.