AT&T 4-Handset Cordless Phone & Answering System

Where are the Big Old Cats?

Seriously?!?!? 5.8Ghz? yawwwwwwwwwn!

If you still have a land line then this is a product you could conceivably use.

As for me I don’t know what I’m even hoping to see anymore besides the obvious.

Come on WOOT!! u did the lights (which i missed) bring out the monkeys!!!

in the barn

i had this set for several years (5)with no battery changes, 2 of them have been left out side one made it thru a maine winter in a snowbank, that one still works! solid handsets!!! thats why we are buying them again! thanks woot

I’m hoping for some kind of flashlight.

No speakerphone.
These will
Work nicely with Magicjack or Nettalk, however.

Wouldn’t be a Woot-off without some cordless phones.

Finally, an item I own! Have had it for 2 years, don’t go over 50ft away from the main receiver or you will have garbage for phone quality. Oh, and I hate them… So please buy it!

Can’t have two people on at the same time. Only one phone works on a call.

i have a Mazda6…and i’ve found quite a few spiders in it…

A basic corded phone is $10 bucks… So I am in for 1 … 5.8? Who cares… It will make it easier to answer my phone durning a woot off without ever leaving at least 3 different seats! WOOT!

2 stars (one review) at amazon

Only one handset that works at a time is a nice feature if you have people in your house/office that like to listen in.

I’m in for one!

People actually still have land lines and have a need for these things?

Does this have a speakerphone button?

Analog cordless? Where did they dig these up? I haven’t seen an analog for sale anywhere in quite some time.

I’m just waiting for the bags of crap, which will now likely include these crappy phones. Although since the bags of cr****ap usually come up when I am driving to or from work, I likely won’t have a chance to buy it then anyways.