AT&T H450 Earbud Headset - 2-Pack



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AT&T H450 Earbud Headset - 2-Pack
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 AT&T H450 Earbud Headset

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Zunes sold out? Are all you wooters crazy?! Well I’ll support it as long as there is a woot tomorrow.

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Great woot! I’m in for this one - especially with those new cell phone laws


double up on these things?.. good idea…2fer linkage… here’s comparison shopping links… and if this one were a little smaller, than maybe.


great! one for each ear!


Look like airplane headphones…


For the left AND right ear LOL


False. Not even worth the $2.99. I was hoping for another Zune Woot! listed at this price.


A 2.5 inch jack???


Pass, not all phones have the 2.5" jack…most of us have gone bluetooth. Besides, who needs TWO?


Pretty good price but what is with the bulkiness of it?


Im guess this is not meant for media players?


Deal may not be great, but KUDOS for the Lust for Life headline!


$25 each! holy woot!


Ehhh, this only works on selected phones? Hmmm…


I was hoping for something better. These are throw away ear buds that one can find for $1 at their local swapmeet


Old school headsets with cords. Even worse than the repeated bluetooth sets that show up weekly.


This cheap who cares. I’m in for 6 … People may hate me during the holidays, more so than normal. :slight_smile:


one for each of yourrears. snore.