AT&T One-Line Corded Speakerphone

AT&T One-Line Corded Speakerphone

" The corded operation of this AT&T speakerphone means it’s impossible to misplace the handset"

That is some quality marketing spin, right there.


Can you turn the ringer off?

Landline? I don’t think i have had one since 92… Not even my grandma has a landline anymore.

People still have landlines? I got rid of mine long, long ago.

I have a landline. It’s a decoy.

Yeah, I still have a “land line”. What of it? Having spent 20+ years in military communications, 10 years working in a central office of one of the largest telco’s in the U.S. as a switch tech and also being in the middle of the 4 day power grid failure back in the 2000’s, yeah, I still have a land line and I’ll be one of the last people who’s phone will work during a power outage that last for 24hrs or more. Not knocking cell phones (I have 6 in my family and 1 sat phone) but you people put way way too much trust in HOPING your cell tower doesn’t go dark after 6 or so hours. Most have batteries that will keep them going for a at least that long. Those lucky to be near golden sites, as long as the fuel doesn’t run out or fail, you should be ok. But I know that when I pick up my phone, I get dial tone, even 3 days into a power outage. Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Fire, all bets are off. So go head, keep taking potshots at POTS/Landlines. Unless you experienced no comms for few days, you don’t appreciate the reliability during time of need. Peace out.

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I do radio interviews and sometimes I get interviewed. The landline is a better connection (most times). When some station calls me, they are very happy I have a landline and no “call waiting.”