Atcom VoIP USB Phone 2 Pack



whats a voip?


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Atcom VoIP USB Phone 2 Pack
$17.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Atcom VOIP USB Phones


I’m getting em. I was just looking for one of these on Amazon


Are these related to John Voit??


14 bucks apiece on Froogle. Good deal.


hope everyone had a great long weekend…

BizRate Link

Shopzilla Link

Yahoo SHopping LInk

… all three only have a store or two selling this product. THis is an awesome price for sure. Buy one if you have a use for it. For funzies, here’s the Shopzilla Father’s Day Gift Guide… please don’t forget this year guys. You’re all he’s got.

p.s. Hope everyone enjoyed the USA’s killing of Latvia… World Cup soon… be ready!


Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)


looks interesting… anyone use these before?


OMG I already own these!

They SUCK!


I picked me up a set. I dont know why but It looks like a good deal.


Lowest price seems to be 14.99 for 1. Good deal, but I don’t have VoIP, so g’night woot.


Good price, but not for me tonight I spose… If only vonage had my area code available.


this is kind of… stupid. anyone would rather use a headset with mic no? atleast you can play games with it too instead of staying near ure pc in order to use the phone…

And how is this compatible with Vonage? It’s an RJ11 connection on their router.


seriously matthew…no podcast!!!

way to ruin the start of the week


If it worked with Sun Rocket I would buy them, too bad, soo sad.


had one of those internet services and it is no good stick with a cell phone


Netgear is coming out with wireless WiFi phones…I’ll wait for those…or get a usb bluetooth adapter and use my wireless motorola headset, No hands…


Not interested in buying a “phone” when my mic works just fine. Nice price though! Night woot!


I never understood why one would not just use a headset. The wireless ones are really cool, but I never saw the point of a tethered one. They are really neat though…