Ate all the Turkey, need Crap

Ate all the Turkey, need Crap
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Nov 29 to Monday, Dec 04) + transit
Condition: So Crappy


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And got mine! Time to be productive at work now

Yay! Birthday crap! :smiley:

Ate all the Turkey, need Crap! Yay! Now I can play my video games in peace!

wowza! Just turned the computer on and happened to be notified…that was the quickest crap transaction ever! Thanks woot!

Ugh, stupid work making me do stupid things with stupid responsibilities keeping me from stupidly getting some stupid crap!!!

Boooo…got Vestibuled.
Better luck next time… (soon???)

I was even the first sucker to get the BoC! First time ever! I think this calls for a party!

I was sent to the VOP, only to receive instant disappointment…as opposed to snail mail disappointment :frowning:

Damn! 2 in 1 year after more than 10 years of failure! The Crap gods have smiled upon me this year!! I can’t wait for Thunder’s heartfelt letter of…of…of…condolence?

My condolences to all those unfortunate enough to buy a bag. I hope your crap is as craptastic as they come.

Got One!

Don’t feel bad,I am retired,and still missed the bags LOL!!!

Finally got one! Craptacular!

Long drought, but bagged me another bacon on cheese!

Hey there Wooters! Join us at the main thread for the BOC unveilings.

^^ Click the big image

looking forward to post my turkey bounty of corn!!!