Atelier Rockpile Zinfandel (4)

Atelier Rockpile Zinfandel 4-Pack
$69.99 $160.00 56% off List Price
2007 Atelier Rockpile Zinfandel
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Hmm a zin with some age on it… okay you’ve sparked my interest. Is it possible to get any other specs of the wine? Please and thank you :slight_smile:

I have mightily enjoyed many a zin from the Rockpile AVA, most of them at twice this price. This one may be getting long in the tooth, though. Very interested in hearing some thoughts from others on this offering. 2007 was a fantastic vintage, and I recently opened up an old vine zin from the Russian River Valley and it was scrumdittlyumptios.

The Atelier winery is out of business. See

Atelier and Chateau St. Croix (which is selling this wine) have themselves a little Federal breach of contract lawsuit, commenced November 2014. See and

Chateau St. Croix is in Wisconsin. One wonders where this 2007 wine has been.

We have had deals in the past with defunct wineries. I don’t know of any providence issues. If WD is putting it up I have no doubt it will be solid.

As far as zins at 8 years from vintage, if well made they will have plenty of life left, we did a Woot meetup and tasting of aged zin a couple of years back and some ridge zins with 25-30 years in bottle had a lot of fruit left and were tasty.

I can see the Woot community does it’s sluething. ;-). The wine has been in California and Wisconsin - no other stops in between. It has been in a temperature control wine cellar the entire time. When this hidden stash was discovered at Chateau St. Croix we tasted it and it’s holding strong and tasting great. Short story: As the article about us riding into the sunset stated, my wife and I closed the winery in 2010 due to having a growing family and needing to stick with our day jobs. Atelier was our passion and the wines are well made and quite delicious. The “federal lawsuit” was merely a payment dispute that we look forward to putting behind us. We hope you’ll take a chance on this deal and enjoy the last Atelier wines (for now) in good company! - David Reed, founder Atelier Winery

I’m in for one! If it’s in St Croix I should just make the drive from Madison and pick it up myself.

Where will this wine be shipped from?

Having had plenty of this wine with the Reed family and storing some for a number of years (we just finished the last of ours back in December) I can tell you it holds up quite well. I was pleasantly surprised to see this deal as I thought I had enjoyed the last of their wine! You won’t be disappointed!

Now selling at winery, which is closing, for about $13

How much to ship?


IF it is selling for #13@, I have a truck and will pick you up on the way!

We were so excited to see this wine on woot! We have long enjoyed Atelier wines - they are well constructed, nicely balanced, and age well. We had thought that our days of drinking Atelier were behind us, so this hidden cache was a very pleasant surprise! Can’t wait for our wine to arrive :slight_smile: