Aten 2-Port Video Splitter/Extender

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Aten 2-Port Video Splitter/Extender
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Do people still use VGA?

Perfect for the man or woman who wants the same image on two screens.

See you guys in an hour

Up next: 15 inch CRTs


When are they going to put up an Intel 15 2500k processor?

Are you ever going to buy anything?

Cascadable! Be sure to buy em up so you can see the same thing on EIGHT screens!

Amber or Green Screen?

Awesome! The Woot Off has come back after a pretty sober year!

Ahh. Someone at Woot raided the Smithsonian again!!!

What on earth? And 12 bucks? Why would woot have even bought these…

Best product story ever!

$29.99 at CompUSA (yes, it lives…)

NA at TigerDirect…

Man you must be from the future or something.

Ooh VGA!!!


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If I say everyone who buys one gets an opportunity to get a BoC, will that make them go faster?

We do…
While a little behind tech wise, it’s nice to use my older 8400GS card to run two monitors, one DVI and one VGA. In a perfect world, everyone would use a daisy-chained tunderbolt connector only needing one output port… Alas, tis not a perfect world, lowly VGA it is for me.