Aten 2-Port Video Splitter/Extender

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Aten 2-Port Video Splitter/Extender
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“Cascadable to three levels – provides up to 8 video signals”

I guess if you had enough monitors, you could make a cheap video wall…

This would be great if you have a bar with 6 tvs that you want to split them into pairs to play the same station…

Or if you have a projector/monitor combo.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything. this is the 4th time I have seen these and nobody else gave better Ideas I don’t think.

I hope they only have 1

I guess…if you were (for whatever reason) running vga long-distance (say, 30 feet or so) and needed a splitter? I mean, if you have a speciality case where you somehow have a really fancy, high-quality theater projector that only accepts VGA as it’s highest-quality input, this woot could really help keep noise down and the signal strong on the way to the projector. But other than what you said or something like that…uh…


i have 6 monitors that i would very much like to use these on. question is do i need to buy 3 of this for 6 monitors or how does it work. all my monitors are atleast 24" lcd

If it’s the 4th go round, they probably don’t have many.

this might be halfway useful if it was HDMI or offered other connection types.

instead it is something that i would have been interested in 1990.

You would need 4 of them.

1-> 2 Boxes

1st box - TVs 1&2
2nd box - 3rd & 4th box
3rd box - TVs 3&4
4th box - TVs 5&6

Actually, I think you’d need 5:

Input from Computer into Box 1
Box 1 output (1) to Box 2
Box 1 output (2) to TV 1

Input from Box 1 into Box 2
Box 2 output (1) to Box 3
Box 2 output (2) to TV 2

Input from Box 2 into Box 3
Box 3 output (1) to Box 4
Box 3 output (2) to TV 3

Input from Box 3 into Box 4
Box 4 output (1) to Box 3
Box 4 output (2) to TV 4

Input from Box 4 into Box 5
Box 5 output (1) to TV 5
Box 5 output (2) to TV 6