Athena Technologies AS-P4100 400w Powered Subwoofer

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Athena Technologies AS-P4100 400w Powered Subwoofer
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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Matching speaker available on for $94.99 w/shipping!


Will tell my brother this he needs a subwoofer bad.

Got 4 stars on Amazon.

Heres a review

will i need a receiver to power them up?

Powered means you won’t. Just plug em into an outlet.

wait… i only see two speaker inputs. that means this sub can only work as a 2.1 surround sound system right?

the receiver provides signal to it, so yes you need one, but it plugs in to an outlet and has its own amp. for a cheap entry level sub this is a fair deal. beats anything at your local bstby or crctcty in this price range. the cheapest i could find it online was 150 + shipping, so this is a good price, cause shipping is a killer on heavy subs. athena makes pretty decent speakers and their subs are middle of the road, but for an entry system this is a good price. i bought one for my bedroom HT along with the speakers on woot. thanks woot!

nope the 2 inputs you see are called “high level input” most receivers dont have that, its just bare wires. most receivers have an RCA subwoofer plug which fits this as well (they call these low level input)

Powered means it has a built-in amplifier. It will still need to be connected to a receiver. Good woofer with a great price. Lowest on the net is 149.99.

sorry but the subs in my car have 5 times the power unimpressed cause im unimpressed by whats in my car although they do rumble enough to affect m steering haha

We’ve had the sub at my house for the past 8 or so months. It sounds fantastic and is a good part of our surround sound system. Only complaint I have is that it can get too bassy, but there’s rarely - if ever- distortion, and we shake the whole block. Definitely a good buy - especially at this price.

if you want to start looking into getting something along the lines of a Sunfire or better subwoofer for your house, feel free. you’d be suprised what a well tuned port and 100 true watts can do in a house. just make sure the sub is in the correct location. turn on the subwoofer and play some bass-heavy music, slowly move around the room and you’ll notice the peaks and valleys of the bass level as the wave moves through the area. i currently own the Earthquake Sub-80 (80w 8in ported) and while it’s not enough of a sub that i can run it at 60-70% gain as i’d like, it’s still great for what it is.

might end up getting this and move the sub80 to a smaller room :slight_smile:

looks decent. has no level adjustment but newer receivers might have enough adjustment to not need it.

it doesnt seem to have a lot of features or a TON of power but i’d bet it sounds good.

and comparing some car audio to this is just stupid.

just a thought on it being too “bassy” i might be misunderstanding you but if not, you just need to turn the crossover frequency down this is the knob in the back labeled “lowpass (hz)” if you have other full range speakers in your system then with it set to high the freq coverage overlaps so you get too much of the mid-low and it sounds muddy

it does have level adjustment…see?
“as well as a rotating crossover control continuously variable from 40-120Hz, allowing the sub to blend properly with any speaker” as well as volume control on the front :slight_smile:
+1 on comparing it to car audio is stupid
also your car audio (that is WAY better than this) cost more than $100…i hope

Will I be able to automatically sync this sub with my old Athena .5s rather than having to set the crossover myself?

Already have one setup with a full Athena Audition Series (F2/C1/B2/B1/P4100) and love it. Check avsforum and you’ll see everyone saying this is one of the most musical subs under $400 - I absolutely agree.

In for three at this price - this will bring my sub count up to the magical number of four (where further additions have a significantly diminished cost/performance return). Subs: 1 is good, 2 is great, 3 is trash, 4 is optimal