Athena Technologies AS-P4100 400w Powered Subwoofer

It DOES have a level adjustment right in front. That round thingy near the top. I have an Athena subwoofer, and I’m pretty sure it’s the exact the same model. I’ve had it for over two years…and haven’t had an issue with it.

I love my sub. I’ve tried other “more popular” brands like Sony, Polk, Onkyo, & JBL, but my Athena beat all those…it sounds just like the high-end ones.

If you check the AVS forum, however, there are plenty of complaints of the quality of the amp in the Athena subs.

Are those pointy feet gonna ruin my hardwood floors when it starts thumping?

After reading that story, I really do feel bad for Gary. He thought he had a perfect date all set up and he ends up with a potholder, an olive, and maybe a game of Shadowrun.

Perk up Gary!

Not to mention an ever-virgin!

Do I need to check if it will work with my current receiver and speaker combo, or should it probably be fine?

I saw this item at CompUSA’s supposed closeout sale. They wanted almost $200 for it. Luv Ya Woot, I don’t care if you’re a Sellout or not!!

emphasis on “INPUT”

This Subwoofer only powers itself ; )

put it on a piece of sample carpet

or just buy a nice orental 2’ X 3’ orental door mat carpet

it will increas the reflex bass too

oh yeah probably will mess up hardwood… buy rubber BOOTIES LOL

BTW did ya all know that these are made by KLIPSCH
read the bottom

I own a set of Klipsch. If these are as good, I’d get one (if I needed one)

Klipsch acquired API which also makes Mirage®, Energy®. Not a bad price if your looking for a good start on a HT room. The 5 dollar shipping is almost too good to refuse.

If all it comes with is carpet tacks, I wouldn’t test it out on hardwood/laminate.

Crossover adjustmenr on the back and if I’m not correct that looked like a volume knob on the front.

I just got a pair of FS 2.2s (which sound fantastic, btw) and they came with carpet spikes and rubber dots for hardwood floors. This might come with dots as well, I will have to wait for mine to arrive to know for sure. If you don’t use the spikes, I would suggest making sure the speaker doesn’t fire right into the ground (i.e. put it on its side).

Does anyone actually still play Shadowrun? (I DO have all the books in a box somewhere.)

shadowrun rocks!

I was sad when they stopped publishing the pulp novels - they were a damn good way to spend a plane trip.

Hmmmm…A not so glowing review of the similar AS-P4000 posted at audioholics forum. To be fair though, it’s not compared to others in the price range of $100.

Athena speakers are not made by Klipsch! Athena, Mirage and Energy are Canadian speaker companies under Audio Products International. API was purchased by Klispch last year. All the Athena products were manufactured before the Klipsch takover. So no, Klispch does not make Athena speakers or have anything to do with their product developement, they own them. All these models you’re seeing have been out perhaps two years.

In fact Klipsch is discontinuing the brand probably because Athena competed directly with their own speakers. I own several Athena speakers and they are great value for their price and a even greater value at closeout prices. I do not however own one of the subs, I have an Energy 10" sub and its fantastic.

Excuse the cross post but:

I’m using a pair of Cerwin Vega E715’s as mains in my HTR setup and as you’d expect they have plenty of bass when they’re cranked. If I added this woofer to it does anyone think it would make a difference?

I love lots of heavy bass…