Athena Wine Tool Kit

Athena Wine Tool Kit
$19.99 (Normally $30.00) 33% off List Price
(1) Athena Wine Tool Kit includes:
Athena Wing Corkscrew
Circa Color Cutter Foilcutter
Circa Vacuum Pump Stopper/Preserver
Gift Box
Choose Grape or Teal


Rarely, do I feel the need to be crass, now is the time.

This thing screams “POS”

Spend the same on the basic Screwpull table corkscrew, which is wonderful and must be infinitely better than this thing. Or, spend a good deal less on the Screwpull Le Creuset waiter’s corkscrew, and you will have found the last such tool you will want to buy (with a little practice).


this woot off has “Jumped the shark”