Athletic Apparel Announcement: We're Selling Some

Plenty of gear for the sporty sorts in your life. Reviews from owners, totally welcome. We want to hear about fit AND durability.

The Fila polo shirts run a little on the large side. I’m usually a medium to large for most polo shirts, but this one has some rather long sleeves. It fits and feels fine otherwise.

The shorts are great, seem good quality especially for the price. Just a warning though, if you order 5 or 6 pairs you will get them in 5 or 6 different boxes. Not exactly environmentally friendly, one pair of nylon shorts per shoe-box size box. Come on woot, you can do better.

I’m getting mixed messages from these Nike shirts. The description says “Available in Small only” but the select a size drop down menu shows XL as an option on some styles…

yay…i’ve been waiting for this again. specifically the adidas Ts.

i got 5 last time to test the waters, since it was so cheap and the small i ordered came slightly large…than i’m used to. so, i washed the entire batch once and voila…instant preshrunk. after that though, more washing did not shrink them further.

now they fit awesome and i love their build, reminds me of the OLD WOOT! SHIRTS. so i wear them pretty much any time i’m lounging around or out doing productive things that doesn’t qualify as “work.” so…got 8 more this time to round up the total to $30.

also, woot…you’d think after 60+ items from you and thousands of dollars i’d get SOME sort of shipping or w/e coupon from you guys. but nooooooo…never me.

I got the white Adidas shirts and the all-black youth shorts last time this sale was around.

The Adidas small runs pretty large like previous comment says. The sleeves are very long. They do shrink in the wash, but still seem larger than typical men’s smalls.

The youth shorts I got for myself. I am a women’s size 6 in pants, and the youth large is a decent fit. I would have gotten the XL but they were out of stock.The length is longer than I thought, but I roll them up and they look great. The material is a little stiff but it’s soft and I don’t notice them when running. Great deal for 2 bucks each.

Yeah! What’s up with that! I’ve purchased many things over the years, and so far this woot coupon talk seems more like a legend…

The fleece pull overs are the best! They seem to run large but I prefer that so I can layer up.

I’m waiting for a padded rib shirt.