ATI FirePro V5700 3D Graphics Card

So, did last item go for 10 minutes with no purchases so they skipped? Or did I miss something?

Damn straight it will. I was in the rowboat olympic in Norway back in 1998. We never would have won without this card. I still kiss my gold medal to this day. Thank you ATI FirePro. Thank you!

This would go great with the dual HP LCD sold yesterday on tech woot, too bad the sold out

How many of these are there? Someone bought 3 and it still says 100%…

Haven’t seen a ‘gaming’ card on here in a while… Or have I just continually missed them?

hmm so I went to lunch/messed around and only 2 products passed? wow.

73% off, there giving it away!!!

if you would have bought the last three monitors for sale and hooked up all the speakers and headsets that have gone through, you would have been able to watch and hear the sound of the mundane happening at super sonic speeds of boring

At this point, the accuracy of the inventory % is highly suspicious. It’s very hard to believe people are buying those refurbed, no-name TVs… yet the woot-off chugs along. I think they’re hoping to move a few, and eventually just expire under the guise of being sold out.

Probably because this isnt a gaming card. I havent ever seen a Gaming Card on Woot before.

Will this work with my Leak Frog?

Good thing I found this so I didn’t have to pay $300 for the card I’ve always dreamed of!

It depends. What is your definition of ‘work’?

someone bought it.

500 would be my guess. So we need to sell 5 to get movement.

This will be a 30-45 minute item.

Amazon had it listed for like $325…when I bought mine…now down to $95

LOL good one!!!

I know it isn’t a gaming card. That was the point of my comment. I think the last time I saw one on woot was in AGP days.

This is a really good price for this card, but just not a great vid card for gaming or Graphics/video editing.

this is the card tron uses.