ATI FirePro V5700 3D Graphics Card

$99 at tigerdirect

bitcoin stats?

In the Box list does not match the photo. Can anyone from staff verify what is actually in the box?

Here it was last time it was sold for 24 hours

Here is what i said last time.

Link has been updated of course.

Should be what’s in the photo. Sometimes the “in the box” section isn’t as detailed as usual.

Found this review:

I hate to be the one to say it, but should be doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence of what will be.

Question for any other tech wooters…

I’m just fixing to upgrade to Adobe CS6 Master Collection on my production machine (running an NVidia GTX 460 1GB with CUDA hack). Would my production become any faster with this card “upgrade”?

I’m asking if CS6 is compatible with this card. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my GTX 460.

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It mentions CAD in the description, but would this card be good for Autodesk Maya (2013) ?

Agreed. Looking for this, as well as benchmarks for Autodesk Inventor and DS SolidWorks.

Heh. Here’s the “in the box” from one of the previous sales:

In the box:

ATI FirePro™ V5700 Workstation Graphics Accelerator
DisplayPort to DVI Adapter
DVI to VGA Adapter
HDTV Adapter
CrossFire™  Pro Cable
Driver Disk

If anyone wishes to read all of the discussion from the last time, click here.

For the record the sale price this time is $69.99.

Thank you.

You’re welcome!

All you need to know is it’s not worth it. You’re looking @ 100-120mH/s

OpenGL 1.2??

Same price on Amazon - $69.95, $99 at TigerDirect, etc. So where’s this “retail price” of $299 coming from if you can buy it all over the place for about the same or a little more than the Woot price? I’ve seen this over and over (so-called “savings” off a bogus retail price). Woot, you should do your homework.

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