ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI Express Video Card

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ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI Express Video Card
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, OEM

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  • 1 ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI Express Card

great woot for the 2nd of the month… comparison engine links are listed on useful linkage… been a while… wonder if its available with a pink hue.

A whole 128 MB?

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I have the same model in my laptop, decent graphics i guess.



i still <3 woot

my computer is too old for pci-E

A Whopping 128 MB?!? Hot Dog!!!..Lamo, goodnight, all…

completed eBay listings:

Ebay link

ehh–not that great…

I don’t see a 15-pin VGA connector or a VPU fan… sorry, I’m out…

Does anyone know if this comes with the low-profile bracket?? If it does, I can use this in my ‘browsing box’

yea… ATI ftl why not by buy a 9800 pro while your at it, thank god you cant

AWW MAAN!!!, i’m working on an older computer right now and it needs a new video card. Woot is here to save the day… but wait I need an AGP of all things.

back to the drawing board :frowning:

Agreed, this is not the beans. Needed to be of at least x1000 class and possibly AGP/PCI to be of use to me.

This one’s just too ugly to touch.

Might be useful if the ASUS XG Station were out already. But, as is… meh.

Will this card be shipped via FedEx Smartpost?

If your PC is new enough to have PCI-E, why would you put a piece of shit like this in it?

Just blew all my savings on an 8800GTS with 640MB… :smiley:
No thanks, I’m going to bed… no wait, I mean… I’m off to play DiRT in maxed out graphics.

It’s a good backup for me, the one I have right now has been sounding like a Yetti on and off…it is making me nervous, lol