ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI Express Video Card



yea lol i totally thought i missed out on the blinged out cabbage.

i have this exact video card, but 256. It’s okay, but it’ll skip frames in half life episode 2


Caue of all of us bangin on it :slight_smile: Woot is still wonky too… 0 sold but soldout.


I was wondering the same thing. I’ve seen this card at least 3 times… blah


This looks like the exact card I just replaced a few months ago from a factory PC, don’t know the model of it though


128MB? Yay, now I can play Duke Nukem in 3D, or will it fry my motherboard? :stuck_out_tongue:


Have had numerius issues with vista.


Wow! I want an extra 20 minutes thanks to “server is too busy” error, and it not even a good deal. These go for the same price or less all over the web…arhh woot!



couple questions

will this work on vista?

is it worth it ?

dual monitor support?

not gonna use it for games just for regular use


No it’ll work just fine, you can play duke nukem forever without frying your mobo!


This card is getting pretty dated.


Good card, but a little dated.


21 minutes to first sucker… nice




Hmmm, now if I only knew how to install it into my PC…


Just my opinion while trying to use on a system just for testing. Nothing else, Not for gaming. Pass.


thanks i need something with dual monitor support…or i could just sell the monitor?


I bought this last Woot-off (for $20 or $25), and installed it in a brand-new Vista-running computer (boss’ new machine running Vista Business.) I’m pretty sure it completely killed it (I had to replace every part manually.) Install at your own risk, or, more intelligently: just get a better card.

How much do you wanna bet this is gonna be like $5 or less at the next Woot-off?


I need a new card but I’m still using AGP


According to MS it will Work on Vista:
by ATI Technologies, LLC

 Windows Vista

Compatibility: Windows Vista x86
Windows Vista x64 Certified for Windows Vista
Certified for Windows Vista

 Windows Vista

Driver Availability: x86 Driver available as part of Windows Vista
x86 Driver available through Windows Update
x64 Driver available as part of Windows Vista
x64 Driver available through Windows Update

No Dual monitor support, it only has 1 DVI output