ATI TV Wonder HDTV PCI-e Tuner Card for PC

here’s the product website

and an html spec sheet

I have one of these in my Windows 7 HTPC. ATI does not have Win7 drivers on their site, but the Vista drivers work fine.

Anyone know if this is W7 64 compatible?

As I have posted before, I do not believe there is a low profile bracket available for this card.

I am confused with all the inputs!

What’s Composite and S-Video inputs have to do with HD video? Or are they SD inputs in fact?

I have a cable box that can feed HD video through either HDMI or Component – is there a way for me to hook that up through this card, so that I could be watching HD cable channels on my PC?

i bought the USB version of this from woot earlier for the same price…but now i’m wondering if i have a spare PCI-e slot open. guess i’ll have to take a look tomorrow.

about a month back or so frys had these for $30 with the remote and receiver. might be worth checking into if you have one near you

great price!

will this work with linux?

Not MythTV compatible:

A few reviews on Amazon.

Great price, but some mediocre reviews, according to Amazon

EDIT: Gah! I have been beaten to the punch!

Anyway, I might pick one of these up. Some people complain about it only picking up digital signals…but it’s not like that matters any more.

Will this work in my laptop?

I bought this card last week for a Win 7 64 machine, ended up returning it, would work for a while then stop (needed to reboot to get it working again). returned it and bought a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1250. No problems so far. They have Win7 drivers on their site.


Composite and S-Video are in fact SD inputs. You are correct.

The HD only refers to using the built-in tuner to decode over-the-air or cable HDTV signals. You might be able to bypass the cable box, but a HD output of the cable box is not going to plug into this card.


Unfortunately, woot rarely puts up TV Tuner cards that’ll work with mythtv/linux at a decent price.

Nope, laptops don’t have PCI-E slots.

How do you install this physically into the pc or laptop??? Woot Info Post
Who ya gonna call?!

ATI TV Wonder HDTV PCI-e Tuner Card for PC [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

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