ATI TV Wonder HDTV Tuner for PC

here’s the product website (and another)

and a spec sheet

and a previous woot with this and another version with LOTS of comments

no planned drive support for windows 7

edit: oops wrong card they are supposed to be available 1st quarter this year…

Mixed reviews at Amazon

So wait, free tv? or what? What channels come in?

I’ve got this. It’s great. I have it running with Windows 7. No problems.

Notice that it’s a PCI-Express card and not a regular PCI card. Make sure you have the appropriate slot open. Woot Info Post
What what, in the

ATI TV Wonder HDTV Tuner for PC [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * ATI TVW600PCIEV TV Wonder 600 PCIE Card

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I’ve owned the PCI version of this card for years, and it works flawlessly. I don’t use the included software, because the included software with tuner cards is always terrible. However, there are free alternatives that work fine, or you can use Media Center or even fork over some cash for something exceptional like SageTV.

Also, this fits into one of those otherwise useless PCIE x1 slots that they insist on putting on motherboards these days.

Is this easy to install? I’m not too mechanical when it comes to stuff like this.

Hrm. Doth it worketh with thy Linux?

Me media server be Linux.

have windows 7 the drivers from ATI’s site work in windows 7 ultimate 64 just fine the box software and drivers however not so good

Thanks. I was wanting this card until I noticed that. My little low profile HTPC is a 3 GHz P4 w/ 1.5 GB of RAM, but it is too old to have PCI Express. :frowning: I have to pass on this one!

Super easy. If you know how to work a screwdriver, you’re set.

You should be able to get the local channels NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, etc if you have cable or if you have an antenna with good enough signal from these TV station.

How well with this work with Fios?

Any channels that you currently get with your antenna or cable. It also picks up the Clear QAM (free unscrambled analog channels over the cable).

You can get all the locals, weather, TV guide, the music stations, and public access.

Just found this website. It’ll show you what’s available OTA (Over the air) and in clear QAM from the cable companies in your area.

Does anyone know if Win 7 Media center can utilize 2 tuners at once? I’ve already got one tuner but sometimes I could use the ability to record two channels simultaneously.

I have the PCI version I bought from Woot around Christmas. It works great! My cable provider gives me all my digital cable unscrambled so I can get about 120 channels with this card.

The HD looks amazing! Now I have the PCI version which does the HD decoding with hardware and this PCIe version does the HD decoding with software so I don’t know how much that will affect performance.

I have never had a tuner card before but when I saw one on woot this cheap I had to jump on it, and I love it. Using Windows 7 and Media Center with it is just an amazing experience. I highly recommend getting a tuner card!

I don’t know about 2 separate cards, but I have a combo tuner with both analog and digital and Windows 7 Media Center can record from both digital and analog at the same time.