ATI TV Wonder HDTV Tuner for PC


More garbage

been looking for one.

Reviews plox.

u just like to buy don’t you…

doh realized its ati nm

gg next map

Agree. Good stuff gone.

Are these compatible for any type of computer?

hmm I don’t think this is too bad of an item.

I’m not going to bother looking up reviews.

But I do own a Happauge 1600 Dual TV Tuner card

I’d strongly recommend it. Very strongly

Great price for what it does. Go for it.

I meant from peepz that have it you silly willy.

But that card you said sounds legit. Ima get it.

Now I see why you have not bought anything from Woot…

WAIT WAIT DONT SELL OUT let me turn off my LAPTOP to see if i need the PCI or PCIE!!!

ahh what fun a wootoff can be

I’m one of the two people that purchased this card. Wondering if the other person has got theirs to work. Tried it in 2 different machines. First with Win 7 RC and then with Windows Server 2008. The ATI software doesn’t work. Have also tried beyondtv, sagetv, Myth TV, Yahoo Go TV, Nero Media Center and of course Microsoft Media Center. If I get the digital tuner to work the analog one wont and visa versa…
Most of the time I get the message no tuner found or tuner not supported.
ATI was very helpful. They left me on hold for 2.5 hours with a voice telling me every few minutes ‘We are busy helping other customers, If you are experiencing a problem read your directions.’ Then they hung up.