ATI TV Wonder HDTV Tuner for PC

FIRST!..never done that before…hehe

Edited for updates
This card IS supported under Windows 7 now (32bit and 64bit)

With Windows Media Center (or Nero MediaHome4) you can use your PC as a DVR!

You can stream it later to another PC (with the correct software) or a PS3 or Xbox 360.

I use a Hauppauge myself, but the principle is the same.

Great, but I already have enough monitors/TVs around the house, don’t need to watch TV on my computer as well. A while back I wanted this, but I can’t see the use anymore.

that’s cuz everybody is asleep

great tuner… BUT want another USB model of this for my LAPTOPS!

Poor reviews all over newegg:

This one’s not for me.

I am battling constant static in the background. Picture quality is great. Might be the cable wires though.

In for one.

Hoping I can use it to convert my VHS tapes to digital with at least VHS quality…

PLeeeze someone tell me how long a wootoff lasts. I’ve been up now for 27 hrs watching this waiting for a roomba or Box of Cereal. This is my first wootoff.


This one is not going to end until at least tomorrow night.

Typically 2 days, I’ve seen them go up to 3. But seeing as how items are going by so slow, I give it another half day, at most.

No BOC tonight/this morning. Go to sleep.

Thank you so much - I need sleep but don’t want to miss too much.

It’s a good card. The problem lies with the installation CD. Those two reviews are from people that installed off the CD. You have to get the ATI drivers from AMD, as the ones with the actual card are pretty crappy.

Some positive reviews (and negative) at Amazon.

It’s PCIe x1. Most new mobos have 1-2 PCIe x16, and a 1-2 x1s. x16s are for your video cards.

Usually a couple of days. The b o’ c usually goes just about the time I’m driving to work.

Are they gone yet? Good… nice work telling people they are safe to go to sleep. Now more woots! for us!!