ATI TV Wonder HDTV Tuner for PC


Does this work with Win 7?

Eh. Not much programming worth tuning in for these days. Pass.

More computer stuff…imagine that!

yes, and works very well i might add. got this same card a few woot-offs ago and am very pleased with it.

Does this do video output too?

Nice tuner, but I think I’ll wait for a cablecard tuner from SiliconDust or Ceton

kayboss…did you change your hair?

You betcha. Does that work with the game?


Still need a cable box, right?

Nope, just an input card.

Very handy for Windows Media Center recording. I already have 1 one in my system, this will be perfect for dual channel recording.

Bought one of these from Woot! a while ago. It works as advertised, was easy to set up and the tuner works much better than the older PCI version I had before. That and being a digital tuner, it you know, works with the new stuff.

Overall, a good product for a good price.

Does this work with cable boxes?

No remote control? Pass.


$40 on Amazon…

Got one last wootoff, supplied software doesn’t seem to work well in Windows 7, but why bother? Works great with Media Center. Picked up a lot of additional QAM channels my Pinnacle card doesn’t .

Being a computer guy, I get excited by this stuff. Finally, I can record CHUCK when the fourth season gets underway.