ATI TV Wonder USB Digital HDTV Tuner Woot Info Post - opening in a store near you

ATI TV Wonder USB Digital HDTV Tuner [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * ATI TV Wonder HD 600 USB HDTV Tuner

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Found it for $65.07 on Amazon

Mac Compatibility?

here’s the product website


ha.h4 at the black boxes… :smiley: in for a few!


3.5 stars average from Amazon.

so no love for vista business?

Does this mean I can get analog cable but not digital cable? That would need a QAM tuner?

looks complicated to set up and use

I wonder if this works with windows 7

I can’t tell, but does the antenna pull out longer than that?

Anyone know if any of the Mac tuner apps support it?

QAM is a tuner that tunes in unencrypted digital cable channels.

wait…the manufacturer website says:
Windows® XP Home Edition
Windows® XP Professional Edition
Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
Certified for Windows Vista®

woot says:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Windows XP Home and Professional Edition Requires third party TV/Recording application

now i’m confused.

(yes…i know i replied to myself)

I don’t suppose this would work on a netbook, would it? Say, an EEE PC 901…

I think it probably would be a no go, but having one of these with my netbook would be nifty.

here you go:

Includes 22" telescopic, hinged antenna that screws on to a 2" diameter magnetic base

Bummer, no QAM or Win7 Support according to the support and drivers section on AMD’s website.