ATI TV Wonder USB Digital HDTV Tuner

second first post! How much for just the red dot on the antenna?

I hope they are gonna put up the PCI HDTV tuner, I missed it last time.

OK, so this will catch free-wave tv right? It is not meant just for cable subscribers and what not?

Had major problems with this thing on Windows 7. No drivers, and when you finally get it to work(if you can) it makes a high pitch squealing noise while watching tv.

These are nice but no clear QAM. I ditched mine in favor of a QAM capable tuner.

well that was fast…

Ehhhh I got one of these a few months ago when they were last on woot. Apparently, it does not work on a computer with over 4 gb of memory. Ergo, it hasn’t worked on my 8 gb laptop.

Can anyone attest to this?

These actually work surprisingly well. I keep one in my office for the Final Four, eeerrrr, emergencies. I also took one on a trip with my netbook, and watched tv while waiting at the airport.

Does the component cables let me hook up, say, a wii, or any other thingee to my pc?

I bought one of these a few months back on here. Great Product, Great quality :slight_smile: the antenna is is a magnet so you can stick it to a window sill or where ever. Its a steal for $19.99

I may be mistaken, but didn’t all TV change to cable last year or so?

Dang that went fast. Saw it, clicked, sold out. FFFUUUUUUU

I wish my husband was up to see if I can use this!

Just doing my part to keep it moving along.

Works great on my laptop. Not so great on my netbook (Acer 10.1 with 3 hr battery

No, it just went digital. There’s still OTA.

can you share how you finally able to get it to work ?
I’ve tried everything, and can’t get anything to work


Me, too - been looking for Windows 7 drivers or instructions for a while now.

I use this exact tuner to play PS2 on my notebook all the time. You just need a deinterlacer program like D-scaler to play it.