Atlantic Gaming Backpack

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Atlantic Gaming Backpack
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Atlantic 45535464 Gaming Backpack

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If only it wasn’t so dam UGLY!!!

awsome, something to carry my chips, soda and porn mags in!

Will not fit a PS3… just FYI.

Where do you put the dice?

dammit that scoomba went by too quick…

Ugly is in.

What makes this a “gaming” backpack?

Bought a couple of these a few weeks back from woot. Fantastic, gigantic bags that fit all (non-guitar hero) accessories, with enough space for all of your favorite games. If I didn’t already have these, I’d grab a few more.

I have this bag and it holds my XBox 360, 2 controllers, power supply, and all cables very well. I paid a lot more for it though.

No wai, I was the first sucker? I actually hesitated!

What consoles to fit in here if not a ps3? Does a 360 fit?

But I game on PC. This backpack won’t fit my PC! Might as well call it an X-Box backpack, save for copyright bullshit.

gaming packing now i can carry my PS3 XBOX360 and WII where every i go in for 3.

Did you not look at the pictures? It’s pictured WITH A 360 IN IT.





It will fit a PS3 slim just fine.