Atlas Peak Cabernet 3L (4 Options)



Atlas Peak 2007 “Mountain Vineyards” Cabernet Sauvignon Double Magnum (Your Choice of One)
$199.99 (Normally $383.00) 48% off List Price
2007 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
2007 Atlas Peak Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
2007 Atlas Peak Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
2007 Atlas Peak Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 3L
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Where am I going to store that for 15 years??


That’s a big boy. If I were in charge of wine for my family’s Xmas party and had a couple extra hundred bucks lying around I would be all over this.


I could be wrong, but I think a double magnum is equivalent to 4 750ml bottles. When you open that puppy you’d better have company or be very, very thirsty.


The only friend you need to drink this sexy maiden is mathematics.

3 liters = 3,000 ml
29.573 ml per oz
3,000 / 29.573 = ~101 oz
Average hours spent awake per day = 16
101 oz / 16 = ~6 oz

So awaken at 6 AM, nurse a 6 oz glass, and enjoy a 6 oz glass every hour on the hour through 9 PM. In bed by 10, not too shabby!

Average hours spent asleep the day after drinking in this manner: 36…


Your math is correct. If you’re a home winemaker (or someone with bottling gear), you can rebottle a magnum or double leftovers into bottles…


Your logic here makes me so happy that I wish I had the spare $200 to try it out.


If there was an option to buy four mini-magnums I’d be awaiting my shipment . . .


Woot. Off. Killer.

Seriously, though, would be tempted to do this if I didn’t already buy 1) the Jana 3L Woot! Plus offering, and 2) the regular sized Atlas Peak offering the other day. I also have no justification for this size at all. Alas, will pass. Sigh.




A great year, some really fine Cabernet. Anyone got a young daughters who might be getting married in 10-15 years? Or a silver/golden/diamond anniversary for a parent/self?

This is a wonderful, joyous (if not inexpensive in absolute terms) offering.

I can’t say “autobuy”, but I can (and do) certainly say “Buy if you possibly can!”


But, which one?


This is such an awesome offering.


Sounds like a great wine but seriously, as someone mentioned, where in the heck would I cellar this for 12-15 years considering the size of the bottles.

I’d almost have to find a small wine cooler just for this … [sneaks onto Craigslist to just check mind you :)]


Dear woot and friends,

I’m no expert, but I believe there may be a more correct technical term for the 3 liter bottle size. Wouldn’t it be a Jeroboam? Double magnum is when I’m double fisting 1.5L vueve cliquot bottles at new years.

Just offering my humble insight, woot! Usually by 7 am someone has beat me to it!


I know many of you are fans of Ty Caton that is often sold here on wine.woot. I thought I’d mention that his Cabernet is on WTSO for $19.99 a bottle and free shipping on 4+ bottles. You could get that AND this one and really have a wine tasting party.



I fixed that for you.


I’m a sucker for big bottles. Grabbed a Howell and Mount Veeder.


I ALWAYS do that! It is like my fingers can’t type Caton and MUST type the ‘N’. Thanks…I fixed it in the original. :slight_smile: