Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Although specific wines may differ, in general, both 2005 and 2007 are significantly better vintages than 2006, with better structure, longer lives, and ultimately much more sophistication among the better wines.

While 2006 was a little lost between 2005 and 2007 early on, the wines are often quite good and are probably drinking better right now than either 2005 or 2007. That will unlikely be true other than in a handful of cases in 5 or 10 years.

Grrrr …

Was hoping to pass - then rpm chimed in.

I completely agree with RPM. We pulled our 05 off the market and went to the 06 Cathedral. Mountain vineyards also have more tannins coupled with a 3.6pH means this wine should easily be a 15 to 20 year wine.

Looks like from the description that these wines will not be as tannic as perhaps the '04, as they are described as having “soft tannins.” May be my novicehood, but softer tannics to me usually mean not as tannic. I’m usually a fan of wines with some more tannin on them, noting that as a wine ages those tannins will often smooth out.

That said, would love to hear a little from the wine maker. I was tempted to begin with, and with rpm chiming in, may have to break my rule about buying wine during the summer months. Its not that hot out yet, right?

GREAT!!! Now I not only have to buy this offering, but I should drink the 2006’s I have on the way quicker…

Honestly, I’m not sure my palate has completely developed the taste for a fully aged great cab. I’ve heard I totally wasted a young JP Insignia recently, but I thought it was amazing. Decanted it for a couple hours and it was real and spectacular. Just to be safe, I did get another one and tucked it away in the fridge for a later date (or the apocalypse).

I think I’ll get 6 of these and drink them at the rate of 1 every two years and keep good notes.

If you have the luxury, drink the '06s over the next 5-10 years and the 05’s beginning in 4-5 years and on, and 07’s beginning around 2020.

I’m getting too old to let wines sit until then. Any suggestions?

Send them to me :wink:

I’ll try that. If you pass through Iowa, let me know and I’ll open some then.

Don’t let him fool you.

In for the max on these. Great wine, great value.

Silly Human. Not the Google Custom Search.

Stuff You Bought Search. As in did I buy any of this fine wine before?

And she’s out til the 10th.

  1. Fooled ya. Thus, the reason why I look for web deals offering older wines. It’s like having free storage.

Scott: This gets off topic, but 1) Do you have a guess of when your 05 will wake/wise up? 2) When you say today’s offering is a 15 to 20 year wine, do mean until it enters the dumb phase?

Answer to 2 is 15 to 20 year wine from vintage for it’s lifespan.

Wow! what’s your secret? Lots of wine I hope?


And Scott.


yes, we deployed fixes for the google search widget about 2 weeks ago. it should be good to go.

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anyhoo, is the google search function not working for folks? seems okay on my end.

Some of us still carp on the lack of an acceptable way to search purchases. Back when, it was simple; they were all on a single (long) page. Alas, the troubles killed what was working wonderfully dead in it’s tracks.

Oh, Ducky, great flowchart!

I bought the 3l Spring Mountain Magnum back in December. Maybe these will tide me over while the big boy rests.