Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

If I had a flux capacitor I would have one too!

Been a few months since I’ve made a purchase.

Have there been any threads on taxes? Went to check out and saw a sales tax in NY. Have been paying internet sales in NY for a while now, but taxes on internet wine is a new thing for me.

We made some changes in late February. Here’s the (brief) update to our FAQ.

Now with those recent offers and this wine today - the prospect of “Black Tie Wednesday” sounds either scary or will fizzle.

aah, yes, THAT search. i know this may sound like service de bouche, but that dream has not died. keep hope alive.

glad you liked the flowchart. i feel like it’s good for perspective.


I am so confused as to what to do as I have yet to hear from our resident Cab expert. Wherefore art thou Fred?

Brian, check your private messages.

We just tasted this wine about two months ago…still good structure and fruit, I’d reckon another 5-8 years.

You’ve got the name wrong - we’ve already heard from the cab expert - rpm. He’s given this wine his thumbs up in no uncertain terms. Understand that his preferences are towards the classic Napa style of low(er) alcohol, more structure, more acid, and plenty of ageability. If you prefer fruit bombs, then likely your preferences are not aligned with his. If you like Corison, then they are.

You just had to remind me didn’t you.
WTF! PP disabled!?
You trying to save me from myself?

First Sucker:tytiger58
Last Wooter to Woot:rjquillin

WD, Neil, you will get yours.


We keep hoping, but soon there will tar and feathers involved. Along with a Mob with pitchforks and torches!! :wink:

And yes, excellent flowchart!

I guess it doesn’t matter at this point, but “Wherefore art thou Fred?” doesn’t mean ‘Where are you, Fred?’ It means you’re lamenting the fact that his name is Fred. The modern translation would be, ‘Why does your name have to be Fred?’ (as opposed to some other name, like Melvin or Vera).


Blah! My wine has been sitting on the fedex truck all day and it is 93 here with a heat index of 101. Really hope this wine isn’t boiling. I hate to open one early, but might have to check it in a month.

EDIT: Still warm to the touch when I picked them up at 8pm, 3 hours after they were dropped off at Fedex. I hate to open one soon though…