Atlas Peak Mixed Red (2)

Atlas Peak Mixed Red 2-Pack
$72.99 $121.00 40% off List Price
2007 Atlas Peak Merlot
2007 Atlas Peak Cabernet Franc
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It would be criminal to open either of these right now…they have names for those that do… cradle robber comes to mind :slight_smile:

I have only have only tried the cabs which were excellent but out of my price range. These are tiny production numbers.

Edit: these would have been good candidates for some community notes.

Wish I could justify this one! Atlas Peak makes great wine and although expensive it is probably worth it to put somse away for another 5-10 years to see what happens in addition to trying one now.

You got to have some big britches to tackle these wines.

Great value on these. 2007’s to boot.

Not much discussion. Is there much selling?

On a semi related topic, I had an '05 Spring Mountain Cab Friday night with a fillet and an '07 Howell Mountain Cab last night with a ribeye. Both were great. The '07 seemed more than 2 years younger, but the body came around great after an hour. Pretty good weekend there.

If someone near Iowa City wants the Merlot, I’ll take the Franc.

You just need to drink a Mt. Veeder Cab tonight to complete the holy trinity of Napa mountain Cabs.
Perhaps an '09 with a NY strip? :slight_smile:

I had gotten the gift pack before last Christmas. It had the Veeder in it. It was great too.