Atmor 6.5 kW / 240V Tankless Water Heater

Here’s a few basic things to consider about this particular tankless water heater.

  • It’s NOT going to replace a typical tank water heater for your whole house. This is for a single area only such as a bathroom or kitchen.

  • Unlike what is claimed in the description it is NOT for an RV or camper, because it runs on 220v and RV’s only use 110v (unless you are running a larger generator of more than 6.5kW - preferably MUCH more).

  • The plumbing hook-up may be pretty easy, but the electrical will get pricey. Running a dedicated 220v line properly won’t be cheap - plus you have to have room in your breaker box for an additional 30-amp 2-pole breaker (if you don’t have the room, it will get REALLY pricey at that point).

  • I would only consider this unit if it were replacing an existing tankless water heater where everything was already run, or for new construction/significant remodel where you have one place you need hot water but it is pretty far away from the main tank such as a detached garage apartment or a new bathroom on an upper floor far away from your water heater in the basement. If that were the case you would only need to run a single cold-water supply instead of both cold and hot water lines.

Hope this helps.

Two questions on these atmor tankless systems:

  1. Are they closed loop? I.e., will they always heat to the same temp, or am I likely to get 140 degree water in the summer and 110 degree water in the winter because the input temp changes?
  2. I’ve got an eco sense one now and it seems to take a long time to sense flow and turn on. That makes it a really poor choice for a kitchen sink where you’re constantly turning on and off the water as you’re rinsing dishes. My rinnai gas tankless doesn’t do this. Anyone know if this one does?

Not even a whole bathroom - it is rated for a single or double sink, but not a shower.

that IMPORTANT page has to be wrong
a single pole 30amp 240v breaker?
good luck getting 240v off one leg

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