Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters
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Have you ever asked yourself, “why Atmor?”

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In the drop down menu it shows the second cheapest model is an 8kw heater it is actually a 3.8kw heater if you match the model number to the specs graph. Be causious of that. I almost purchased that one thinking i would get 8 kw… you wil not.

Don’t overlook the electrical requirements. Larger breaker & Larger wire size…

Before buying, you really should check out the previous sales’ comments about water flow and temperatures.
Even the largest model is not suitable for showers in much of the country, as it doesn’t raise the incoming temp of water (~55 degrees in Ohio) enough for a shower, with only the hot water turned on.
I had a gas model once, and used an older water heater (not connected to any gas/electric) as a “holding tank” so the water would be warmer coming into the unit, which made it usable for showers. Only reasonable if you have lots of extra space.

amazon comments are also not very good.

Unless your water is naturally soft, naturally low in salts especially carbonates and bicarbonates, stay away from this technology. Maintenance will be a nightmare regarding cleaning/flushing the elements and tank. I installed a 2.5 gal. hot water tank under the sink and love it. 100V plug in.

Common issue: they bought the WRONG PRODUCT FOR THE JOB. 3kw, and they expect it to heat the water in a northern winter? Not gonna happen! It’s like saying a 1/2 ton pickup is a POS because it couldn’t carry 20 tons in the bed.

  1. Tankless water heating is not new technology.
  2. A proper installation including shutoff valves makes maintenance easier. If you look inside a tank water heater, odds are it’s full of deposits too.
  3. After the 2-1/2 gallons of hot water is used up, how long does it take to recover? I can’t imagine folks would want to take showers in spurts, y’know.
  4. If you’re in the US and there’s only 100v at the outlet, you’ve got some serious electrical issues.

Every situation is different. It’s up to the buyer to understand what they’ll need and what item meets that. And that item might not be any of the offered ones here.

(FWIW, all of these are unsuitable for me.)

Anyone know if one of these units would supply enough hot water for a radiant heat system in my basement? Not a large area, but I’m thinking like 300sq feet total. This would be laid on top of concrete floor with insulation between radiant tubing and floor.

We have very hard water, and our only hot water heaters are tankless, one gas & one electric (not this brand). We have them descaled by a professional plumber once every two years. That’s all! Love them! One is 15 years old & still going strong. We label each heater with the date it was last descaled, so we don’t forget. If we get much past the 2 years, the heaters can clog with minerals & stop working, but even that can be easily fixed by a plumber. The extreme cheapness of our gas & electric bills makes paying for a plumber every 2 years no problem.

I don’t know the specifics of where you are, but you want a unit rated/designed for hydronics, not domestic water. Warm water return is an issue when a water heater (like this) isn’t thermostatically controlled. Also, I doubt this was designed for continuous duty.

Can it be made to work? Possibly, but keep in mind that if something goes awry, do you think your insurance company is going cover the damages?

My issue is simply the waste of the water getting to my shower, which is on the other end of my house from my water heater. 4 minutes of wasted water with every shower. I am in CA, where there has been a drought for a few years now and water supply is going critical - approaching the value of water on Arakis.

Will the (only) 110v. version - the lowest capacity - heat my water for at least 5 minutes before it exhausts the hotness of it, so that my water heater’s heated water will then take over once it reaches my shower? I really don’t want to have to rewire my bathroom on the other end of the house for 220v just to have one of the higher rated units, and that could be what it takes.

Like the Dune reference! :slight_smile:

I read it twice! Loved it -

Don’t mistake this for your old style water tank. There is NO holding tank, when you turn on the hot water, this unit fires up and as soon as water starts to flow, it is heated and delivered to the faucet. There is no tank, so there is nothing to use and then wait for more to be made, it makes hot water on demand. Having said that, the 120vac unit isn’t going to give you much beyond water to wash your hands. Please don’t expect this to heat up water for a long, hot shower, because it won’t ever get to the temperature you want. If you are seriously thinking of switching from a standard tank model to a tankless model, investigate the gas models, they are far more efficient. And, check with your utility companies, as many have rebates and offers to get you to switch.