Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters
Price: $68.99 - 83.99
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Good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) on the 3kW/110V model over at and learn all about Atmor

Reviews on the AT-900-03 over at Wayfair

So does every unit need wiring?
Is the 110w unit the only one I can plug into the wall?

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If you have the right wiring and size it correctly for your temperature zone they’re OK. Fail on any of that and you will be taking lukewarm showers at best.

These are cheap - keep that in mind.

You best have super soft water, low TDS, or you’ll have a maintenance nightmare. For under the sink (not shower) you can’t beat a plug in 2.5 gal. tank water heater. We have a Stiebel Eltron 2.5 Gal. Electric at our kitchen sink because the wife had a habit of throwing the lever to hot and of course by the time she turned it off we had warm water still stuck between the big hot water heater in the garage and the kitchen. Now, instant hot water, we love it. Took more time to unpack it then it did to install it!

Well, if you live anywhere in the north, and it’s for both sink and shower, your only choice is the AT900-13, according to the chart on the Home Depot site.

The Atmor AT-900-03 is $118.98 at The “O”. Pretty good deal here on woot IMHO.

It would probably have to be wired since it may pull more amps than your outlet breaker could handle especially if you had something else running on that circuit.

These might be okay for a sink but you are not going to get a instant hot water heater that will supply a shower at that price. Not one that you would enjoy at any rate.

None of these are designed for plug-in and they need to be on its own dedicated circuit and breaker.

Not probably, but definitely. Read the chart. The 110v version requires a dedicated 30 amp circuit.

The brochure says 10AWG wire for the 110v version… there’s few if any homes in the US wired with 10AWG… all need dedicated circuits.

The 110 unit is 3KW, which is twice the wattage of a 1500 watt hair dryer. You typically can’t use two hair dryers on the same circuit at the same time. My rule of thumb is 100 watts @ 110 volts = 1 amp. 3,000 watts (3kw) is 30 amps. Most modern outlet circuits are 15 or 20 amps.

Does anybody know what the clearances are on these? IF I put one in can I cover it with a cabinet unit or place it in the lav base? I am considering one (AT-900-10) for a 16X16 pool house that will have a shower and lav in a 3x8 foot bathroom, plus a small sink in a galley kitchen. It will have it’s own electrical service, so power draw is not really a problem, especially given we are in the south. Plus I can arrange for these uses to be one at a time since it is such a small space and I won’t be housing huge numbers of people that need to shower and do dishes at the same time (and the bathroom is too small to have 2 people in it at once so it will be either lav or shower at any given time).
I tried to look at their online manuals and installation guides etc but never could find enclosure info.

OK, just dug around a bit more and realized that the 240v 50 amp GFCI BREAKER for the unit I am considering will cost 25% MORE than the actual unit… hmmm. Still thinking…

EDIT: OK, decided to pull the trigger. Will figure out the clearances later I guess.

Glad I was home …When mine blew up Sounded like a shotgun went off.Water everywhere…Less than 8 months…