Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters

I suspect your specs don’t actually intend to say torque…

It’s the water heater that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsects

Is that anything like a parsec? :slight_smile:

I should buy one to plumb to my bidet that has just a cold water inlet. Unfortunately I do not have room for something 7.29" x 11.82" x 3.55" in the corner where our stool is; although maybe I could turn it into a decorative shelf above the toilet tank. Hmmm.

Edit: I doubt if anybody in our family uses a half gallon a minute (ouch) when using the bidet and that flow rate is the minimum to trigger this unit to begin heating water.

Keep in mind the electrical demand of these heaters. Depending on the length of the run, the supply wire and hardware (and installation by electrician) could easily exceed the price of the heater if not already at heater location.

Comments from a previous offer

Parsect: A coven of golfers who are devoted to scoring par on Sundays. Often seen in groups of 4.

Dude! It’s a bathroom… stool goes into the toilet, not the corner!

Actually, today there is a sale downtown at Lou’s Stools, but last time it was pretty crappy

Has anyone tried to install this after the water heater so it’s reheating the water coming out if the temperature dropped? Kinda like a water heater booster for those of us with small tanks…

So would one of the big ones be suitable as a whole house water heater? I’d really like to get rid of that giant tank taking up an entire corner of my garage.