Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Atmor Instant Tankless Electric Water Heaters
Price: $72.99 - 88.99
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Reviews on the AT-900-04 over at Home Depot
Here is the link to the Atmor Home

Damn, only 3!
I wanted 10…oh well…

My present water heater is already thankless after all I do for it, so I don’t need another one.

Avoid the 110v model AT-900-03, only 2 stars at Amazon. First, the 110v model does not have enough juice to produce hot water (someone described it as “not freezing”). Second, attachments are metric not US:

I have the 13kW 240v in my home for four months now. It works great!.. Sorta.

The heater requires a minimum of about 1 gallon per minute. This means if you have a sink or shower fixture that puts out 1.5 gallons you may have difficulties getting the temperature you desire. My sink pretty much has two settings; or burn-your-hands hot. Just something to look into before you purchase.

Otherwise it works great! The huge advantage is being able to utilize the two switches (5kW, and 8kW switches to give you total of 13kW). I only use the 8kW to shower with a 2.5gpm water flow and it’s a comfortable temperature.

If you’re going to use this just for one bathroom it will serve you well, but it requires a hard wire and its own breaker. I wouldn’t suggest going past three fixtures. And one final warning; the assembly instructions blow!

Mine lasted about 5 months.Then blew up sounded like a gunshot. Water everywhere…Plastic tank.Good thing I was home. Flooding basement was kept at a minimum. After complaining about it. Atmore did call me back. But wasn’t home. called them back.But no return call…

It blew up??? One would think they’d be really responsive and follow up with you. Perhaps an indication your experience was not atypical?

We just built an outdoor kitchen, and the run from the main heater would have been crazy long, hot water probably would have taken at least 90 seconds. For about $160 I got a 4 gallon heater, sits under the sink, plugs in a 110 outlet, needs 8 amps, crazy easy to install. We do not wash dishes etc out there but considered availability of some hot water essential. This thing is perfect, it’s enough water, and it will produce a gallon in about 12 minutes to handle use of time. This solution may be perfect for some and useless for others. Think about how much you need and what you have to do to make it work, running 220 lines with significant amp capacity is often not cheap/easy.

I bought one. It worked great… until it blew up. The main fuse for the whole house tripped. I’m lucky my house didn’t catch on fire!!!