AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit

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AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit
Price: $244.99
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Amazon has this same package for $199, free same day shipping: Amazon

The one on Amazon is just the projector, this one comes with the Ghostly Apparitions programed chip…still I think it is roughly the same price.

What’s the difference between this one and the $99 version at Home Depot? Same manufacturer, has chip with videos, doesn’t come with tripod, but I doubt it’s a $150 tripod.

True; the price comes out to roughly the same when you add in the AFX0309 Ghostly Apparitions SD card… however, it appears that Woot is kicking in an instant $25.00 coupon at checkout.

That said, check out the warranty for this item.

Woot has a notoriously anemic limited warranty, (basically a DOA warranty)… but compared with the manufacturer’s warranty, Woot’s warranty looks like the gold standard of warranties. (The manufacturer only honors warranties for 30 days, and only for products purchased directly from them.)

You can read it here:

How many Lumens is this projector?
The atmosfx site lists the SD projector as $199 and the HD projector as $299. The woot description says SD projector, but $299 list.
SD projector 300 ANSI Lumens (don’t buy)
HD projector 700 ANSI Lumens (good deal)

edit: I’m adding some context. I have one of these I bought last year and it is a lot of fun. Used it for both Halloween and Christmas. The brightness of the SD projector is my only negative. I plan to buy a new projector for this year and good ones better than the SD projector can be found around $100, even from the mothership.

Aww I just got one of the HomeDepot ones last year and now they come with HDMI! Mine only had sdcard and USB functionality.

As for functionality, definitely go with more lumens otherwise you’ll have to turn every light off in your house for it to show up outside.

It’s a fun, cheap projector you can use for other occasions. My wife did a trunk-or-treat with a couple cars made out of a cardboard boxes and put the projector inside the car shining on a sheet on the tail gate. Boom, kiddie drive in movie.

I’m assuming this has to be the 300 ANSI since the 700 is only available as a pre-order at Atmos.

Does the brightness matter if one is projecting on the product-specific screens and materials?

Yep, I agree with the previous comments that this is overpriced. But, I have owned and used this projector for two years now and it is AMAZING!!! People love it! We constantly have cars slow down or stop in front of our house to watch it. Would highly recommend using these for your holiday decorating.

Yes, as I stated above the dimmer it is the easier it is for ambient light to drown it out. We have the cheap Home Depot one and we had to dim or turn off a lot of lights to get it to look good.

I have a different projector, but I bought one of the AtmosFX decorating CDs. This is a test from a few days ago.


The one at Home Depot is another company “Total HomeFX” not - on the flip side since they are different projectors I don’t know what the different specs are

they recommend a projector with 1800 Lumens