ATO iSee 360i Video Recorder for Apple iPod

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ATO iSee 360i Video Recorder for Apple iPod
$189.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New
1 ATO iSee 360i Video Recorder for Apple iPod
1 iSee Adaptor for iPod 30Gb Video
1 iSee Adaptor for iPod Nano


Froogle Link Minimum Price $221.95

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $221.95

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $249.00

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4/5 Stars

Does this work on a PC?

I had to ask it… :slight_smile:

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9 out of 10 by one user on CNET… but not enough user ratings to make it worth paying attention to.

… i’m not sure i really understand what we need this thing for… any hints… btw, good woot if you know what to do with it.

hmm interesting. no ipod for me. ipod = no good.

Some pricing…

ATO iSee 360i Video Recorder (Before Rebate, if applicable)
SecrectPrices … $231
Froogle … $224.95
PriceGrabber … $214.22
NexTag … $225

Battery and Battery Charger
SecretPrices … $27.56

iSee Adapters…
SecretPrices … $17.97 (for Nano)
Froogle … $16.95 (for mini)
SecretPrices … $19 (for mini)
More iSee adapters on Froogle from $9.49

Other stuff
iSee Carrying Case … $48.99

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iPod this, iPod that- someone needs to make an iPod killer.

You guys are too fast. Just think of the celebrity naughty tapes this baby can “backup”

Of course it won’t work with my 60Gig. darn woot i would love to have this. BOO…ATO iSee 360i Video Recorder for Apple iPod

Whaddabout those poor iRiver users?? Wheres their tv recording support, huh?

Ain’t got an iPod, so this ain’t the w00t for me.

Carry on, folks. See ya tomorrow.

ipod killer is a hammer…

btw sad to say my ipod just died today.

Doesn’t look like very good pricing for what one would expect from a woot…

Does this thing pay attention Macrovision, or is it cool?

Funny… I just read an article today in the Albuquerque Journal that said video is actually killing the iPod… Hmmm…

The rca lyra just sold has this feature built in… + a nice 160 gig hdd mod makes it mush more of a WOOT!

If I bought this my wife wouls iSee this straight up my…I’ll have to stick with my Slingbox / PDA setup for now…

Why does happines always cost just $200.00 more?

What, an Ipod product with no MAC support?

Oh Yea, I forgot to say the obligitory:

Is it mac compatible? (no)

ALSO, where are my Badass Ostrich Carabiners?