Atron Vision 27" WQHD Gaming Monitor

Good reviews for support and device on the mothership… Great price too unless this is a refurb that is not labeled as such. I got a viewsonic like that from Woot last year.

It’s new. :slight_smile:

Well, I know it is listed as new :slight_smile:

I had a 28 inch viewsonic I ordered from woot last year. It was listed as new, but had a replacement circuit box loosely taped in and wired to the panel. The inputs also did not match the model number advertised or printed on the monitor. It worked well, after reattaching the loose circuit box inside, and the price was good so I kept it.

I take that back, I looked at my purchase history. It was sold as factory reconditioned. It was just reconditioned poorly which is not Woot’s fault.