Atron Vision 27" WQHD Gaming Monitor

I just received this monitor from Woot. Thank you, Woot.

While I have trouble to use it with my Macbook pro (it only goes to 1080p), connected to a PC, it displays at a gorgeous 2560p with no issue at all.

I don’t play FPS, so I didn’t overclock it to 120 Hz. But with 220 USD for a 27" 2K monitor? It is no brainer. I also think 2K is a natural fit for a 27". Too big for 1080P, too small for 4K. 27"/2K is just right. Once you have tried 27" monitor, it is difficult to go back to 24". I think I will get a second one.

How are you connecting? It should work if you are using the Thunderbolt/Mini-DisplayPort on the MBP and the DisplayPort on the monitor.