Atron Vision 27" WQHD Gaming Monitors

These look like rebranded QNIX 2710. These will most likely not overclock well, especially with multiple inputs.

You can get the same monitor by QNIX for as low as $200 on Ebay.


This thing has 1 review at Newegg, 1 out of 5.

Apparently this is probably the opposite of the monitor you’d want to use for gaming. While the OS will allow you to change the refresh rate to 120hz, the monitor can’t actually handle it. These things are junk and if you buy it after this warning you have no excuse.

Hmm on Amazon its a 4 out 5 and the reviews are generally favorable for this monitor.

It appears some users did complain about a frame skipping issue when overclocking but looks like the company fixed the problem in regards to Tech YES City’s review of the monitor. Even Joanne Tech lover did some videos about this monitor and looks like she overclocked it fine. (should of done a frame skipping test in her video though)

Actually, it’s just the same plastic housing. These usually overclock to 120hz for people. It has no PWM flicker (flicker-free)

When they first came out they had frame-skipping issues, but they later fixed that as well.

I saw a couple of people report that they only got 100hz, and some got 140hz!

Either way, better results than all the other cheap korean import ips-like monitors that I’ve seen.