Attack of Man

Oh, the humanity! Won’t someone please think of the hideous monster children?

My, what evolution has done…

At first, I thought it said ‘Attack on Man’ and was like, yes! a feminist shirt!

Nice! I’m glad this made it!

On another note, it looks like Arby’s followed this week’s derby rules too!

Are those UFOs really far away or are they just super small? Are miniature aliens really that threatening…I mean, if they can’t beam a person up, how dangerous can they be?

“Human, why did it have to be a human?"

Wha? Johnny Bravo???

Looks like Bender has gained some weight…

king kong ain’t got nothing on me!!!

I will wear this shirt as I crush my enemies.

I was hoping this would win, due to the style being great and the deep philosophical satire within it.


“Snu snu?”

yes please

Funny and clever design. Sadly, I don’t like the shirt color.

I see a feature film coming on: “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid: 18 Years Later”

Roy Orbison FTW. Wussy monsters be damned.

For some reason, whenever I look at this, I think of Mike and the Mechanics.

If I was one of those monsters/aliens, I’d probably be humming while I was running.

All I need is a miracle…

Georgilla is really an allegory for the Adam bomb.

Somehow looking at this shirt puts the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in my head. Take that, King Kong!

This design has been putting Wonder Man (Marvel version, not last night’s) in my head…maybe the Vision’s flying around somewhere?