Attila Hard Apple Cider Case of 12

Attila ‘Scourge of God’ Hard Apple Cider Case
$77.99 $127.00 39% off List Price
Attila Scourge of God Hard Apple Cider 22 ounce
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Hey Wooters, Cider is up any questions let me know.


What in the world. Caviar and now this… Mind is blown. Now I have hope for the eventual beer.woot.

Not before bacon.woot, let’s hope.



…for beer.woot!

what a shame! sounds tasty!

“Sorry, some of the wine in your order can’t ship to that state. Either remove that wine from your order or give us a shipping address in a different state.”

Ingredients list?

The monkey was playing with it, went off his rocker, and hurled a bottle my way.
This has a crown cap.
I haven’t seen or needed to open one of those in years, perhaps 20+ years at least.
Last time I likely used a pair of pliers, but this fancy doubled hinged thingie I got from Woot to do corks also does crown caps; but I had pliers as a backup.

The label says it’s 3G. That’s kinda old school in a 4G world I’d think.
Wait, the G’s are Golden Delicious, Gala and Granny Smith.
Hard Cider to be precise.
Isn’t this a fall~winter beverage?
It’s just spring now, unless I’ve warped to the southern hemisphere, but then Julian CA wouldn’t be just 66km away.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with this or what it should taste like, so I went and got this nearly identical looking brown bottle from the local mountain town of Julian as a benchmark.

I’m now confronted with two bottles of this apple stuff that have both chilled in the fridge overnight and need to find glassware of some type.
Stemware? Don’t think so.
Tumbler? Yeah, that should work, I’ve got some clear glass ones.

Ok, in a glass it rather looks like a well pigmented bubbly, very pale straw, but they (bubbles) dissipate ~fast~. A few minutes after the pour and I can count all of them on one hand, so it’s nothing at all like those pressurized bottles that spray all over if you don’t uncork them just right.

It smells kinda yeasty, tart maybe, if that is a smell.

Taste, yowsa. That was unexpected.
Perhaps the only hard cider I’ve had was when the un-pasteurized stuff got kept a bit too long and got a bit of a bite to it.
I actually kinda liked that. Still reminded me of cider, but with a bit of a kick.
This is *NOT * at all like that.
Both of these, to SWMBO and I, are bitter, and have a metallic overtone that are just not at all pleasant, much less refreshing, and they both leave a kind of funky taste that entirely coats my mouth and sent me off to grab a glass of water.
After it sat around a half hour or so, the aroma rather reminded me of stale beer.

Oh, this monkey bottle is
Attila, Scourge of God Hard Apple Cider
that was compared to
Julian 'Harvest Apple" Hard Cider of unknown apple varieties.

From the back label it is suggested I can learn more about Attila Hard Cider at
but the link is dead, rather like this bottle for me; well, there is a landing page with zero content.
Sorry folks, clearly neither I, nor SWMBO with similar comments, are hard cider fans and have less than zero appreciation for the craft. YMMV, but I just call 'em as I taste 'em.

Hopefully there will be some reporting in that know this beverage and can appreciate and properly express what they are tasting for those that are fans of hard cider. For now, I’ll stick to plain cider and apples.

Other than golden delicious, gala, and Granny Smith apples?

Gala, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples all grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington. Fermented from 100% fresh apple cider, not from concentrate or any artificial ingredients other than a light dose of SO2 at the time of crush.

is this 12 pint bottles for $78?

22oz bombers

Follow the link from Sip Northwest to learn more about Attila.

I don’t have a lot of experience with hard cider but it seems to be trendy right now. A few cider houses have opened up here in Ohio and some wineries are now producing their own hard ciders as well.

It’s been over a year since I tasted one but I can concur with rj’s assessment that hard cider is nothing like regular apple cider. For one thing, it’s usually dry although like wine, it can be off-dry or even sweet.

For me, the ciders I tried were a little on the bland side, flavor-wise. I do like the fact that this is being offered and I’m interested in giving hard cider another chance but I’m not up for a full case of it. I probably would have gone in on a 6-pack offer.

I’d be interested in trying this, but not for that exorbitant price. Even at being 22oz bottles, that’s like twenty dollars for a six pack! You can get Woodchuck six pack for around $10-ish.

And supposedly this is 39% below retail???
Look, I like spending mah money on boozahol as much as anyone, but C’mon! This had better be some friggin’ amazing hooch! for that kinda coin.

A flying monkey also threw one my way, but forgot to include a note when it would go up.

Will report tomorrow, early as possible, since it’s way too late now to open one. Plus, I’m hoping JavaDrinker & CoffeeMate will be available.

The label said Gluten Free, which should please CoffeeMate.

Edit: They’re also on Facebook

Many of the cheaper ciders are made from concentrate, corn syrups and artificial flavors, etc. Please compare with other craft ciders, we’re in the ball park.

“Word”. 'Tis a bit steep.
I love hard cider. Everything from Michelobe Ultra light cider to Blackthorn to Strongbow to Angry Orchard to Crispin’s origional and Browns Lane. (Plus many others I cannot recall right now.)

Some of Crispin’s craft ciders sell for $9-$10 a large bottle but that is still way below the current offering’s price point.

No way I’m going to gamble that sort of dosh on an untried brand.

Not from concentrate and gluten free